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St. Valentine's
Day Massacre
Spring 2021 Edition
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Trivia Contest
2021 Edition
Fourth of July:

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Great Maltese
Trophy Dash
The Old Maltese

This is The Old Maltese's *NEW* website,
activated last year.

[Formerly the website was at an 'in-house' EarthLink address:,
which has been dormant and unupdatable since spring 2019.]

Welcome to the Official Website
of The Old Maltese!
You've found the right place for map-based and trivia-based competitions of challenge and guile:

for 58 years: the annual St. Valentine's Day Massacre - a wintertime coast-to-coast competitive auto rally all on maps

for 36 years: the annual Great Maltese Circumglobal Trophy Dash - an early autumn round-the-world map rally

for 36 years: the semi-annual (spring and late autumn) Almaniac - a trivia competition, quite different from our map-based competitions

for 24 years: the annual Independence Day Fireworks map rally - a summertime shorter version of the big St. Valentine's Day Massacre

updated December 28, 2020


2020 Fallmaniac competitors:

You may click below for the official answers and explanations for this fall's Almaniac competition:

Official Almaniac Answers

2021 Massacre competitors:

Beginning at noon Pacific Time (3 p.m. Eastern) on Wednesday, March 10, you may click below for the official answers and explanations for this winter's St. Valentine's Day Massacre competition:

Official Massacre Answers