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Great Maltese
Trophy Dash
The Old Maltese
Great Maltese
Circumglobal Trophy Dash

round-the-world competitions, challenges of logic, alertness, and common sense

quests from Malta, Montana (our traditional starting point), to a variety of places on a variety of maps, circling the globe until we return to the start

journeys of thousands of miles without leaving home, because they're all done on maps!


On December 30, 2015, we began this test format for the Great Maltese Circumglobal Trophy Dash.
(In the earlier 35 years the competition had been held in early autumn, with maps and instructions mailed to all contestants.)

This time it's all online.

It's short (only 20 questions), and there is no charge.

We plan to keep it online and available at least through the end of 2016.

After Leg 1's posting on December 30, we've posted another leg every day or two or four, with Leg 8's completion of the circumnavigation posted on January 10.

Everything -- Legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 -- is right here:

Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
Leg 4
Leg 5
Leg 6
Leg 7
Leg 8

Our 73rd Almaniac trivia contest is going on right now.