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December 26 update:

Protest results:

Q9: We scored 2 (b) correct as well as 3 (c).
Flat Rock is not itself the attraction; it’s where the attraction, the Carl Sandburg Home, is located.

Q20: We scored no (b) correct as well as yes (a).
The last two of Q20’s three sets specifically refer to titles; the first set does not do so
and may be considered to be referring to the lyrics of Indiana’s state song (which are not given in the World Almanac), not to its title.

Q68: We scored Cleveland (c) correct as well as Rochester (a).
Although Rochester, New York, is smaller by population than Cleveland, Ohio, both Cleveland, Mississippi (p. 636: 10,846),
and Cleveland, Tennessee (p. 643: 45,948), are smaller than Rochester.

Q70: We scored 1 (a) correct as well as 2 (b).
The footnote on p. 679 for Prime Ministers implies that, when Portland and Shelburne were Prime Ministers in the 18th Century,
their nation was Great Britain only, not yet the United Kingdom [of Great Britain and Ireland; 1801 Act of Union, p. 678 footnote].

We are preparing the final results books for the printer and will mail them to all entrants in about ten days.

Answer Explanation and World Almanac Reference
    Chapter 1

* Colorful Actors *


a) yes

Red Buttons won the Supporting actor Oscar for 1957’s Sayonara.

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 268-69


c) 2

Warner Baxter for 1928-29’s In Old Arizona and Walter Brennan for 1938’s Kentucky.

States, U.S. – Area, rank: p. 417

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 268


c) 60-70

65 years ago (1957) Joanne Woodward won for The Three Faces of Eve. [1950’s Best Picture All About Eve did not win an actress an Oscar; George Sanders won for Supporting actor. Later, Marlee Matlin won for 1986’s Children of a Lesser God. Hepburn and Garr did not win for Adam’s Rib and Oh, God!, but screenwriters Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin, and Larry Gelbart got nominations.]

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 268-69


b) deuterocanonical book of the Bible

It’s one of the 7 Roman Catholic deuterocanonical books. [The Louisianan [and Atty. General] is Judah Benjamin; the Hall of Famer is “Judy” Johnson.]

BibleBooks of: p. 705

Louisiana: p. 573

Hall of FameBaseball: p. 932


a) Peter

The Apostle Peter is also called Simon Peter and Simon; Simon the Zealot” is distinguished from Simon Peter.

Bible Biblical figures: p. 705


c) Seneca

The period 1 BCE - 1 CE (abbreviations: BCE: before Common, or Christian, Era; CE: Common Era; Christian Era) was only two years long (one year before time zero’, marked by the birth of Christ, one year after); Roman philosopher Seneca turned 3 in 1 BCE and lived for almost 70 years; in the National Forest System in West Virgin-ia is Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks Natl. Recreation Area. [Poet Ovid was alive then too, but only Seneca is in a Natl. Recreation Area’s name.]

Romans, ancient– Leading figures/rulers: p. 677

Abbreviations – Common: pp. 711-12

National Forest System: p. 426


b) Seneca Falls, in 1848

Caption on p. 432: at 1848’s Seneca Falls Convention.

Women Rights convention (1848): p. 432


a) Amadas and Barlowe

In 1584 it was Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe (for Raleigh). [Raleigh himself never visited North America, though South America.]

Raleigh, Sir Walter: pp. 429, 686

    Chapter 2

* Rock, Paper, Scissors *


c) 3

Sam Rockwell won the 2017 Supporting actor Oscar; Slippery Rock Univ. of Pennsylvania is in Slippery Rock; one of the state songs of Tennessee (adjacent to Arkansas and North Carolina) is Rocky Top”.

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 270

Universities → Colleges and universities – Four-year institutions: p. 394

States, U.S.Capitals: p. 417

→ North Carolina: p. 581

→ Tennessee: p. 586


d) 4

Norwegian Waaler invented the paper clip; Houseman won a 1973 Oscar for The Paper Chase, O’Neal a 1973 Oscar for Paper Moon; Newell Brands (pp. 407-08, despite p. 67’s Newell Rubbermaid) offers Paper Mate writing utensils.

Inventions: p. 286

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 269

Business – companies directory: pp. 407-08


a) 1

The state bird of Oklahoma (adjacent to Arkansas) is the scissor-tailed flycatcher. [A famous North Carolinian is Shirley Caesar, not scissor; South Carolina colonists were seizers, not scissors.]

States, U.S.Capitals: p. 417

→ Oklahoma: p. 582

North Carolina: p. 581

South Carolina: p. 585


b) François-Joseph-Paul, count de Grasse

It was the harbor at Yorktown, to which Cornwallis had retired.

Banks Charters (1781, 1791, 1816): p. 430


d) turboprop engine

Olivia de Havilland won 1946 and 1949 Oscars, following the 1941 Oscar of [her sister] Joan Fontaine, whose original name is de Havilland; De Havilland manufactures turboprop engine aircraft (p. 329 footnote).

Academy Awards (Oscars): p. 268

Entertainers – Original names: p. 238

Aircraft → Aviation – Airmen/aircraft statistics: p. 329


c) Rivoli Theater in city …

Phonofilm, in 1923 in New York City, to which the Armory Show had brought modern art in 1913.

Art – NY Armory Show (1913): p. 435

Films → Movies – Pioneering (1903, 1923, 1927): p. 436


c) submarine

The majority of historically active volcanoes are on the Ring of Fire; the majority of Earth’s volcanism takes place at submarine rift zones. [Whatever combustion is involved is exothermic, giving off heat.]

Ring of Fire volcanoes: p. 687


a) Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Guyana became a Dutch possession in the 17th century; sovereignty passed to Britain in 1815. [Suriname also was Dutch, but it is adjacent to three other nations [Guyana, Brazil, and France [whose departmental capital of French Guiana is Cayenne]]; eSwatini had Dutch influence in the 19th century but had not been a 17th century possession; likewise, the Dutch were the trade power in Indonesia in the 17th century but did not possess Sumatra or the other islands.]

Guyana: p. 782

→ Suriname: p. 837

→ French Guiana: p. 776

Eswatini (Swaziland): p. 774

Sumatra: p. 691

→ Indonesia: p. 786

    Chapter 3

*  Handicapping the Derby *


b) Jet Pilot

Iron Liege won in 1957; Jet Pilot won 10 years earlier, in 1947.

Kentucky Derby: p. 968


a) yes; Kansas does

In the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore on May 15, Midnight Bourbon edged Medina Spirit; Kansas has a Bourbon County (and Kentucky does too), Tennessee does not.

Preakness Stakes: p. 24

Counties, U.S. – Presidential elections: pp. 513, 531


b) Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint winner in 2019

The p. 970 introduction to the Breeders’ Cup section: Juvenile Turf Sprint races debuted in 2018 and was won by Four Wheel Drive in 2019. [Egypt’s 2020 motor vehicle production was 24,000 units, a 28% increase from 2019, which therefore was 24,000 / 1.28 = only 19,000 units; last year’s MTV song of the year was Driver’s License”; the regular computer hard drive was invented in 1955, not a quadelliptical one.]

Breeders’ Cup: p. 970

Motor vehiclesProduction: p. 77

MTV Video Music Awards: p. 272

Inventions: p. 286


a) yes

Hart Crane wrote the poem The Bridge”; Indiana’s state song is On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away; Boulle’s novel is The Bridge Over the River Kwai: the movie is 1957’s The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Indiana: p. 570

Writers, noted: pp. 205, 206

Ohio: p. 582

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 268-69


b) Rome and Roy

Harold Rome for the musical Pins and Needles; Roy Acuff for Wabash Cannon Ball”. [Adderley is “Cannonball”.]

Music and musicians – Theater, popular: p. 212

– Country music: p. 214


a) Who Can It Be Now?”

Hank Ballard and the Midnighters’ song is Work With Me, Annie”; Men at Work’s song is Who Can It Be Now?”

Rock and roll: pp. 216-18


a) If You Don’t Know Me by Now”

The Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Ctr.’s architect is James Gamble Rogers; Marshall’s Thundering Herd football team is coached by Charles Huff; the Gamble and Huff song is If You Don’t Know Me by Now”.

Architecture – Architects, noted past: p. 174

NCAA → National Collegiate Athletic Assn. (NCAA) – Team nicknames, colors: p. 895

Rock and roll: p. 217


b) “What’s My Name”

The My Name is Asher Lev novelist is Chaim Potok, whose first name Chaim is the same as the original first name of entertainer Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz); the famous Texan is Earl Campbell (AFC leading rusher 1978-81), whose first name Earl is the same as the original first name of rock and roll artist DMX (Earl Simmons), whose song is “What’s My Name”.

HistoryAnniversaries: p. 41

Books → Writers, noted: p. 208

Entertainers – Original names: p. 238

Texas: p. 587

Football – NFL – Conference leaders: p. 908

Rock and roll – Noted artists: p. 216

    Chapter 4

* Crafty Architects *


c) Prairie

Prairie style adapted the Arts and Crafts style for some buildings.

Architecture – Timeline: p. 729


c) monument to reason

Largely devoted to practical technology, it was designed as a monument to reason.

Enlightenment (18th century): p. 658


c) he was an autobiographer …

Henry was an autobiographer; hyperthymesia is highly superior autobiographical memory. [Graves disease is a manifestation of hyperthyroidism, not hyperthymesia; Adams was born in 1838, 100 years before the Addams family debut, but samhainophobia is a fear of Halloween.]

Language – New words, English: p. 710

History Historians, noted past: p. 179


c) The Gherkin”

Norman Mingo drew Alfred E. Neuman; Hal Foster drew Tarzan and Prince Valiant [Burne Hogarth drew Tarzan only]; Norman Foster designed The Gherkin”.

Architecture – Architects, noted past: p. 173

Cartoonists: p. 178


b) members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

They are Earle Greasy” Neale, Jack Ham, and Jerry Rice. [Bob Griese was an AFC passing leader twice in the 1970s; Ham Fisher drew Joe Palooka, but Cathy Guisewite has drawn Cathy and George Price was a cartoonist for The New Yorker.]

Hall of FameFootball: p. 913

Football – NFL – Conference leaders: p. 907

Cartoonists: p. 178


a) 1

Carson Palmer was awarded the Heisman in 2002, then was drafted first in 2003. [Sam Bradford got the Heisman in 2008 but wasn’t drafted until two years later, in 2010; Cam Newton was drafted in 2011, not in this century’s first decade.]

Heisman Trophy: p. 886

NFLFootballNFLPlayer draft: p. 902


d) no

The first Senate meeting was on March 4, 1789; a quorum (12) was not reached until April 6.

Senate → Congress, U.S.Firsts and milestones: p. 550

→ States, U.S. – Settlement, statehood dates: p. 417


c) Franklin Roosevelt

It appeared sporadically until 1938, during FDR’s 2nd term, after which all U.S. coins bear the inscription.

Motto, U.S.: p. 463

Presidents, U.S.: p. 467

    Chapter 5

* Mergers and Aggravations *


d) Discovery or The Walt Disney Co.

In May last year, AT&T Inc. agreed to sell WarnerMedia assets to Discovery for $43 billion.

Business – Companies directory: pp. 404, 409


b) Chevron

Chevron moved down 39 places, from 36 to 75. [Bank of America down 19; Ford Motor down 16; TotalEnergies is French anyway.]

Business → Corporations – World’s largest: p. 53


a) Centene

Centene moved up 70 places, from 127 to 57. [Facebook up 58; Lowe’s up 57; Shandong is Chinese.]

Business → Corporations – World’s largest: p. 53


d) spread of clock towers …

Commercial revolution paragraph on p. 657: it preceded mid-15th century portable clocks. [Lévy-Bruhl’s book was Primitive Mentality; El Loco was dismissed for “mental incapacity”.]

Commercial revolution: p. 657

Social scientists, noted past: p. 179

Ecuador: p. 771

Emmy Awards: pp. 266-67


c) Saudi Arabia

One World Trade Center was completed in 2014; at that time, Burj Khalifa in Dubai was #1, Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Mecca was #2.

Buildings, tall: p. 716


b) rustling leaves

“A 20-decibel sound” (rustling leaves) is 10 times more intense than a 10-decibel sound” (breathing).

Sound: p. 358


a) budding

It was invented by Englishmen Budding and Ferrabee in 1831.

Inventions: p. 286


c) 3

Kansan John Brown and inventor Braun; Kansan Walter Chrysler and composer Fritz Kreisler; Kansan Cyrus Holliday (not Georgian Doc”) and entertainer Judy Holliday [both with two letters l’].

Kansas: p. 571

Inventions: p. 285

Composers, noted: p. 210

Entertainers – Original names: p. 238


b) Harald I (Fairhair)

Harald became first king of Norway, whose world’s largest sovereign wealth fund” last year for a population of 5,509,591 was more than $1.3 trillion: $1,300,000,000,000 / 5,509,591 = $240,000 per person. [Per the p. 820 sentence about Norway’s sovereign wealth fund’s being the world’s largest, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund must be less than Norway’s [for a greater-than-5-times-greater population, so it’s less than $40,000 per person].]

Royalty: p. 678-85

→ Norway: pp. 819-20

Saudi Arabia: p. 829

    Chapter 6

* The Grand Old Archduke had 10,000 Men *


d) Turks

Mexico City’s airport’s Benito Juárez led the uprising that deposed one Austrian archduke Maximilian I, in 1867; a much earlier Austrian archduke Maximilian I is the son of Frederick III (reign ended 1493, 15th century), who had fought Turks.

Airports, busiest: p. 86

Mexico: p. 812

Austria – Rulers: p. 681


c) Solo

Ricardo Lagos Escobar (middle name is an anagram of Goals) took office as president of Chile in 2000; his middle name Lagos also is the name of the most populous city of Nigeria [the world’s 18th-most-populous], on whose Benue Plateau the Nok culture flourished; NOK is the 3-letter abbreviation of the monetary unit (Krone) of Norway, whose capital is Oslo, an anagram of whose name is Solo.

Chile: p. 762

Cities, world – Population: p. 730

→ Nigeria – History: p. 650

→ Norway: p. 819


b) Troy

Famous Arizonan Percival Lowell pre-1917 [he died in 1916] predicted the existence of Pluto; Troy Percival tied with 10 others with 3 World Series saves.

World Series → Baseball – World Series: p. 931

Arizona: p. 564

Science – Scientists, noted past: p. 189


a) Clyde

Pluto was first discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh [Lowell predicted pre-1917, not discovered], whose first name is the same as that of Clyde McPhatter, whose song “A Lover’s Question’s name’s last word is the same as the last word of the name of 1955-56’s highest-rated television program, $64,000 Question.

Pluto (dwarf planet): p. 342

Rhythm and blues: p. 217

Television Program ratings, most watched: p. 254


a) currents in currents

It’s probably produced by electric currents in the liquid currents of the Earth’s outer core”.

Earth (planet): p. 346


c) wind patterns

It’s believed to be the seasonal change in the wind patterns of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres”.

Earth (planet): p. 346


a) Fox

1992’s Best-In-Show was the Fox Terrier Registry’s Lonesome Dove, whose name includes the name of Larry McMurtry’s 1986 fiction Pulitzer-winning Lonesome Dove.

Westminster Kennel Club: p. 978

Pulitzer Prizes: p. 259


b) film added to the National Film Registry

The 1918 film Bread was added to the National Film Registry in 2020; the 2005 Westminster Best-in-Show dog is a pointer named Kan-Point’s VJK Autumn Roses. [Rosa won Boston Marathons in the 1980s, but neither Bread nor Rose; Jerome Segal of the Bread and Roses party garnered 5,949 votes, ahead of “Jesse Ventura” but way behind Howie Hawkins’s leading Green party 405,035 votes; Lucian Freud drew Girl With Roses but without Bread.]

National Film Registry (2020): p. 240

Westminster Kennel Club: p. 978

Marathons: p. 978

Presidential electionsElection 2020: p. 485

ArtArtists, noted past: p. 175

Inventions: p. 285

    Chapter 7

* Oddly Elemental Odds *


a) Boron

The odds against tossing an 8 are 31 to 5 [of the 6x6 = 36 possible tosses, there are exactly 5 ways of tossing an 8: 2 plus 6, 3 plus 5, 4 plus 4, 5 plus 3, or 6 plus 2]; Gallium and Boron, atomic numbers 31 and 5, are in the same group.

Dice: p. 355

Elements, chemical: p. 277


c) 15

In the Alamo Region 4th round, the Stanford Cardinal beat the Louisville Cardinals by 78-63: 15 points. [The other 4th-round games were Gamecocks vs. Longhorns by 28, Huskies vs. Bears by 2, and Wildcats vs. Hoosiers by 13.]

BasketballNCAAWomen’s tournament champions: p. 891

→ National Collegiate Athletic Assn. (NCAA) – Team nicknames, colors: pp. 895-96


b) Chesapeake

The SuperSonics in 2008 became the Oklahoma City Thunder, whose home court in 2012-21 (footnote 11) was Chesapeake Energy Arena; the Susquehanna river’s source is in Otsego County, NY, and its outflow is Chesapeake Bay.

NBA (National Basketball Assn). → Basketball– NBA – Franchise origins: p. 939

– Arenas: p. 939

Rivers: p. 695


b) Lakers

Footnote 1 on p. 935: the 1950 Minneapolis Lakers were co-champions of the not-yet-defunct Central Division, then went on to defeat Syracuse in the playoff finals to become NBA champions. [Indianapolis and 9 others had dropped out in earlier playoff games.]

BasketballNBAChampions (1947-2021): p. 935


a) country adjacent only to Liberia …

Adjacent only to Liberia and to one other country (Guinea) is Sierra Leone, pop. 6,807,277. [Bulgaria’s neighbor Serbia [6,974,289] has its first female Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic; Nina Dobrev was born in Bulgaria [6,919,180].]

Nations of the World: p. 745

Liberia: p. 806 → Sierra Leone: p. 831

Bulgaria: p. 757

→ Greece: p. 780

→ North Macedonia: p. 819

→ Romania: p. 825

→ Serbia: pp. 830-31

→ Turkey: p. 843

Actors, actresses – Noted present: p. 221


d) state whose highest point is in Cook County

The highest point of Minnesota [5,706,494] is Eagle Mountain in Cook County. [Georgia on My Mind” was composed by Hoagy Carmichael, famous Hoosier” of Indiana [6,785,528]; Joel Chandler Harris was born in 1848, when Wisconsin [5,893,718] entered the union; Cadillac’s state is Michigan [10,077,331].]

States, U.S. – Population: p. 605

– Elevations (high, low): p. 416

– Settlement, statehood dates: p. 417

– Geographic centers: p. 418

Composers, noted: p. 211

Authors, noted → Writers, noted: p. 207


b) King Ramesses III

Photo and caption on p. 793: the King’s new home is at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Egypt – artifacts: p. 793


d) young llama

A young llama is a cria. [The Nobel winner is Crick; Rauschenberg made Bed, not Crib; the r&b song is I Cried a Tear”.]

Animals – Names for offspring/collectives: p. 711

Nobel Prizes: p. 256

ArtArtists, noted past: p. 176

Rhythm and blues: p. 216


b) 1/10 octodecillion

For Berndt in Germany, 100 nonillion would have 54 + 2 = 56 zeros, equivalent to 1/10 octodecillion (57 - 1 = 56 zeros) for Beryl in New Hampshire in the U.S.

Numbers, large and prime: p. 355

    Chapter 8

* I Know What I Know *


a) yes

Millard Fillmore was President 1850-53 [succeeding the deceased Zachary Taylor]; later, in 1856, during his own successor Pierce’s term, Fillmore was nominated by the American (Know-Nothing) Party [p. 471] to run for the Presidency, but he came in third, behind both Buchanan and Frémont.

Presidential elections – Popular, electoral vote (1789-2020): p. 483

→ Fillmore, Millard: p. 471


b) 1

Phil Collins garnered 4,856 votes as a 2020 Independent/Prohibition U.S. presidential candidate. [2018’s top carbon dioxide emitter China’s domain is cn and the Bligh Reef kind of disaster is oil spill, but the letters cnoilspill are shy a letter h from forming an anagram Phil Collins; musician Phil Collins’s song is “Against All Odds”, not “Against The Odd”.]

Presidential elections – Election 2020: p. 485

Carbon dioxide emissions: p. 297

→ China: p. 762

Disasters → Accidents and disasters– Oil spills: p. 442

Music and musicians – Rock and roll: p. 216


c) Hungary

#8 [#11 including North America] Xi’an-Xianyang Intl. airport’s code XIY’s first two letters XI are the same as a name of China’s President Xi Jinping, who in 2013 succeeded as President (not as Premier) Hu Jintao, whose name Hu is the same as the top-level domain hu of Hungary.

InternetDomain names: p. 291

Airports, busiest: p. 86

China, People’s Republic of – Leaders: p. 685

Hungary: p. 784


c) 4

Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have all three; New Mexico lacks sugar beets.

States, U.S. – Area, rank: p. 417

→ Colorado: p. 566

→ Idaho: p. 569

→ Montana: p. 577

→ New Mexico: p. 579

→ Wyoming: p. 590


a) yes

William Driver: the Oscar-winning director is William Wyler (1942 [Yankee Doodle Dandy; James Cagney], 1946 [Fredric March], and 1959 [Ben-Hur]); the tennis player is not Pat Cash but Steve Denton, whose last name is the same as the name of the hometown Denton of 1971 Miss America Phyllis Ann George, whose first name is the same as the first name of the entertainer Phyllis Diller, whose original last name is Driver. [Denton also is the hometown of 1975’s Shirley Cothran, but her first name is not the same as Phyllis Diller’s.]

Flags – United States: p. 464

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 268-69

Tennis: p. 957

Miss America (beauty pageant): p. 265

Entertainers – Original names: p. 238


c) somebody’s home

William Driver’s daughter said that his mother had presented the homemade flag to him.

Flags – United States: p. 464


d) the stars were for the first 15 states …

They were for the original 13 states plus #14 Kentucky and #15 Vermont; Tennessee, Ohio, and Louisiana also were in the Union by the beginning of the War of 1812.

“Star-Spangled Banner”: p. 465

States, U.S. – Area, rank: p. 417


a) at the left shoulder

The head covering should be held at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart.

Flags – United States: p. 465

    Chapter 9

* Where the Livin’ is Easy/Cheesy *


d) temper them

Climate: short, warm summers tempered by the Great Lakes. [Wisconsin’s motto is Forward.]

Wisconsin: p. 589


a) Great Lakes

The source of the Wisconsin River is Lac Vieux Desert, the last three letters, eux, of whose name’s second word, appended to the name of Chad’s ethnic subgroup Mimi, form Mimieux; entertainer Yvette Mimieux’s first name is the same as the original first name Yvette of Chaka Khan, whose last name is the same as the last word in the name of Dragon Khan, a steel-tracked inversion roller coaster at PortAventura Park, Salou, Spain, and who was born at Great Lakes, Illinois.

Rivers: p. 695

Chad: p. 761

Entertainers – Noted present: pp. 224, 226

Original names: p. 238

Roller coasters: p. 87


c) 3

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city, 589,067 [Madison has less than half that]. The Braves started in Boston, moved to Milwaukee in 1953, then moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta 13 years later, in 1966; the Pabst Mansion is a Wisconsin attraction in Milwaukee; Uecker was born in Milwaukee, just a bit inside.

Cities, U.S. – Population: p. 613

Baseball Franchise shifts, additions: p. 932

→ Massachusetts: p. 574

→ Georgia: p. 568

Wisconsin: p. 590

Entertainers – Noted present: p. 229


a) it’s where the NBA’s Sacramento Kings

The Kings’ franchise began as the Rochester Royals (Rochester’s 2020 population estimate: 205,225, outside Tacoma’s 100th largest). [Grover Cleveland [2020 population 378,589] was admitted to the bar in Buffalo [2020 population 254,479].]

NBA (National Basketball Assn). → Basketball – NBA Franchise origins: p. 939

Cities, U.S.Population: pp. 613-14, 639

Presidents, U.S.: p. 473

→ Cleveland, OH: p. 596

→ Buffalo, NY: p. 595


b) musicians named Percy …

Percy Faith: 1960 Grammy; Percy Heath: jazz bassist; Percy Sledge: rhythm and blues singer. [Bexley Heath is the location of an Arts and Crafts example, but the others don’t qualify; Heath is a 2022 cyclone name, but not the others; Parry used sledge [and maybe faith] but not heath.]

Grammy Awards: p. 272

Music and musicians – Jazz, blues: p. 213

– Rhythm and blues: p. 217

Architecture – Timeline: p. 729

Cyclones: p. 306

Polar exploration: p. 686


b) 2

1780s Prime Ministers: William Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland, and William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne; Norm Duke and Earl Anthony are 20th century PBA Tournament winners: 1994; 1974 & 1978. [Earl is a 2022 cyclone name, but Duke isn’t; UCLA’s final opponent in the 1964 championship game was Duke, but the most outstanding player was Hazzard.]

United KingdomPrime Ministers: p. 679

Bowling: p. 973

Cyclones: p. 306

BasketballNCAAMen’s tournament champions: p. 887


c) South Park

The art work Sensation debuted 25 years ago, as did the television show South Park; South Park National Heritage Area is in Colorado.

National Heritage Areas: p. 427

History – Anniversaries: p. 42


b) 2

The category has two footnotes: (3) and (4). *finish* + *f* = *finfish*; *insets* + *c* = *insects*. [*one* would require 2 added letters to form *honey*; *hellish* as well would require 2 added letters to form *shellfish*; *grain* is not in an aquaculture footnote.]

Organic agriculture: p. 133 (given)


b) great-great-grandson …

Richard I (Coeur de Lion) is the son of Henry II, who is the son of Matilda [who therefore is grandmother of Richard I], who is the daughter of Henry I [who therefore is great-grandfather of Richard I], who is the youngest son of William I (the Conqueror) of the House of Normandy, who therefore is great-great-grandfather of Richard I, his great-great-grandson. [Famous Georgian Little Richard’s original last name is Penniman; President Hayes’s middle name Birchard, minus a letter B, would be Irchard, not Richard [the question does not say that the name’s letters may be rearranged to form an anagram]; no Richard won a 1970s Best Director Oscar: Richard Dreyfuss won for Acting in 1977; Richard Attenborough’s was for directing but for 1982’s Gandhi.]

William of Normandy (the Conqueror)

United Kingdom – Rulers and royal family: p. 678

Georgia (state): p. 568

Names – Pseudonyms: p. 238

Presidents, U.S.: p. 472

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 269

    Chapter 10

* Contracting and Expanding *


d) representatives of the United States

We, … the Representatives ofthe United States of America, … solemnly Publish and Declare, That … Free and Independent States .. have full Power tocontract Alliances, … ”

Declaration of Independence: p. 452


d) what the King of Great-Britain had done …

In the second full paragraph in the second column on p. 452: He [the present King of Great-Britain] has endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our Frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, …’. [The TV show Endeavour is not in the top 50 of 2020-21; the airline is Endeavor, not Endeavour; space shuttle Endeavour carried Nancy Sherlock in 1993 but did not carry Holmes.]

Declaration of Independence: p. 452

Television Program ratings, most watched: p. 252

Airlines: p. 86

Space exploration – Human spaceflight: p. 324-27


d) never flew in space

Enterprise performed atmospheric test flights but never flew in space.

Space exploration – Space shuttle retirement: p. 326


a) 1

Presidents Nixon and Ford both were born in 1913. Ford’s 109th birthday was on July 14, in the current Year of the Tiger; Nixon’s January 9 birthday was in the waning Year of the Ox: footnote on p. 348: The first 3-7 weeks of each Western year belong to the previous Chinese year.”

Presidents, U.S.: p. 467

Gregorian calendar: p. 347

Chinese calendar: p. 348


c) 10th anniversary of Detroit’s filing for bankruptcy

The p. 702 table lists New Year’s Day (Muharram 1) as July 19, but the text says that holy days begin at sunset of the day previous to the day cited”, which is July 18, the 10th anniversary of Detroit’s 2013 filing for bankruptcy. [Dhu’l-Hijja, the year’s last month, next will begin in June; the Citation Star’s 105th anniversary will be next July 19.]

Islam – Holy days: p. 702

Detroit, MI – Bankruptcy declared (2013): p. 446

Soldiers Medal: p. 123


c) Thursday

The next Pesach (in 5783 by the civil calendar, which starts with Tishrei and Rosh Hashanah) will “end at nightfall on the last day shown”: April 13, 2023, a Thursday. [The Forever” stamp’s 16th anniversary will be on Apr. 12 next year, a Wednesday; Loretta Lynn’s 91st birthday, Apr. 14, will be on a Friday.]

Religion – Holy days –: p. 701

Stamps → Postage stamps → Postal Service, U.S.: p. 359

→ Calendars – Perpetual: p. 350

Country music: p. 214

→ Entertainers – Noted present: p. 225


d) winners of the Boston Marathon

Moses and Elijah are Men’s winners of 1998 and 2000; Winter and Tune are Women’s winners of 1975 and 2008.

Marathons: p. 978

Websites → Internet – Websites, popular: p. 294

Bible – Biblical figures: p. 705


b) British

The famous West Virginian Mary Lou Retton’s first two names Mary Lou end the title of the Ricky Nelson song Hello, Mary Lou”; Boston Bruins home ice is TD Garden: British opera singer Mary Garden.

West Virginia: p. 589

Music and musicians – Rock and roll: p. 217

Opera: p. 216

NHL → Hockey – NHL – Stadiums: p. 947



Pages are 705, 687, 729, 53, 346, 793, 589, and 326. Sum of last digits is 5 + 7 + 9 + 3 + 6 + 3 + 9 + 6 = 48.