These are the Official Answers
for the 2023 St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

We posted them here on March 8.

In addition, earlier in the week we mailed answer books to all competitors; they are on their way.

The answers and explanations below are identical to those printed in the answer books.

The answer books also include the procedure for filing a protest (objection) regarding any answer by the protest deadline, March 17.

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March 18 update:

No answer was affected by protest regarding the course. Scoring is done.

Final results books are being prepared for the printer and will be mailed to everybody in about 10 days.

Leg 1 Answer * Statue of Liberty to Harmony, Pennsylvania *


c) Moonachie

After #2, Basic Rule 1ís course-following rule b keeps us *on* U.S. 1 where U.S. 1 turns north at interchange with Tonnele Av. in Jersey City, then #3 is northwest onto blue limited-access, multilane highway at its end (Basic Rule 3/d) before interchange 2, then at interchange 1 we canít go northeast on our own highway (N.J. 3; no second digit), nor then on I-95 or I-95W (no interchange: B.R. 3/d again), but northeast on N.J. 120, which soon ends but course-following rule d keeps us going ahead onto Washington Av., then Moonachie Rd. through the town Moonachie before #5 northwest at U.S. 46.


c) 2

#5 does not use the magic word *on* to place us on U.S. 46 (it says *at* U.S. 46 instead), so course-following rule b is *not* invoked to keep us on U.S. 46; rather, we use course-following rule c to stay upon our orange *other multilane highway* until it ends, at the interchange after interchange 157, then course-following rule d sends us ahead onto Crooks Av. to Hazel St. for #6 south across green limited-access, multilane highway and U.S. 46 too to #7 right onto Clifton Av.


c) Mountain View

#8 *does* use the magic word *on* to place us on U.S. 46, so rule b keeps us *on* U.S. 46 from I-80ís interchange 38 to the town Dover, where we *see* (within 1/4 map inch: Glossary SEE def.) nearby interchange 34 and therefore #9 sends us northwest on N.J. 15, then just 2 miles later #10 is east on I-80 at interchange 34, then rule b keeps us *on* I-80 to end #10 northwest on N.J. 23 near town Mountain View, which immediately we see for Q3.


c) 2

Staying on New Jerseyís p. 66 map (B.R. 3/b: do not switch maps at state boundary; not until later, upon reaching the physical edge of the map), after #11 rule b keeps us *on* U.S. 209 through interchange 53 (we donít *see* county seat yet for #12 [within 1/4 map inch: Glossary SEE def.]) to Milford, a county seat that we do see now, so #12 is northwest on even-Numbered U.S. 6 at Milford, then near Greeley south on Pa. 739 through its two symbols to #13 west onto gray *other road* [ROAD def.] when we *see* town Dingmans Ferry ahead (hometown of Norman Ebinger, Honeymoon Haven Social Director [Whatís My Line? February 27, 1955]). [Then #14 is right on Pa. 402 with rule a [B.R. 1: top priority, even though rule d would send us in the same direction there], then rule d puts us onto U.S. 6 to the map edge, where B.R. 3/b sends us to the same point on the Pennsylvania map on p. 88.]


b) 1

After #16ís west on I-84, #16 does not end at the orange multilane near Elmhurst [thereís no interchange there: B.R. 3/d], then at I-380 we have no information that I-84 goes to the Scranton map [B.R. 3/c: when on the state map we cannot use information that I-84 is on the city map], so at that slant-T rule d sends us south onto I-380 to end #16 northwest onto Pa. 307 at interchange 20, so we arrive with B.R. 3/a on the Scranton map [where I-84 does show up, but we didnít know that when on the state map] upon Pa. 307 to cross I-81 to #17ís *turn* [B.R. 1: must be *in a sole, unique direction*] east onto the narrow *other through highway* carrying Harrison Av., then rule c keeps us upon our narrow road to #18 right on Drinker St., then right on I-81, then right at interchange 182, then we cannot go left onto one way in the wrong direction Pittston Av. [note after #17] but must continue ahead across its principal highway to end #18 left onto Birney Av. [which is one way in the proper direction].


a) Camptown

Although #20 ends by placing us *on* Pa. 309, 309 ends at the junction after Beaumont, where its road Ďbecomes the pathway of a different named highwayí, viz. Pa. 29 [Named Highway def.]; so we continue with rules c and d alone to Montrose, where our narrow other through highway ends (and we had not been not placed *on* Pa. 29), so we canít use rule b or rule c at all, so the remaining rule d sends us ahead onto Pa. 167, then #21 is southeast in New York toward Brackney, then #21 ends by putting us *onto* Ė not the magic word *on* Ė southbound Pa. 29, then (since rule b did not get activated to put us *on* 29) rule d sends us ahead onto wide principal highway southwesterly through Montrose and eventually through Camptown to #22 at Wyalusing.


c) Windfall Prof; itís stacks

Leaving Estella, we enter Shunk, then Wheelerville, then rule c sends us up to Canton, where rule c sends us east to stay upon our narrow road through East Canton (fourth town for #25) and Leroy to #25 northwest at West Franklin through Granville Center to #26 southwest to Windfall (eighth town entry; we receive Windfall Profís stack of $1 bills; and first unincorporated town for #27), then rule d at second unincorporated town East Canton sends us back to Canton, where rule c sends us southeast with our narrow road, then southeast again through third unincorporated town, Wheelerville, to Shunk (twelfth town entry; we receive the Doktor-ingenieurís stack of $2 bills) to end #27 southwest toward Ellenton (which is not itself at a junction, which requires 1 road in and a choice of at least 2 roads out [Glossary def.]) to #28 east (east of Grover) to rule d back onto narrow road down through Wheelerville and Shunk again to Stella at Estella, with plural stacks of $1 bills and $2 bills, the first stackís having been received from Windfall Prof.


b) New York

Northbound with rule b *on* Pa. 287 through Knapp after #31 at EnglishCenter, #32 is not left on Pa. 362 at Wellsboro (Pa. 660 is continuous from Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania to U.S. 15 [Named Highway def.]; Pa. 362 is just a short 5-mile spur connecting Ansonia and Pa. 660 [which is true in real life too, as it happens, per Wikipedia, although that doesnít matter for the Massacre]) but later, on Pa. 249 at Middlebury Center, then, after Pa. 249ís symbol, #33 is northeast *onto* Pa. 49 (top-priority rule a overrides rule b, and the new Action cancels rule b for Pa. 249) through Knoxville and Academy Corners with rules c and d to end #33 south on I-99 at Lawrenceville, immediately seeing New York state behind us.


b) Burning Well

After #36ís northwest at Ormsby, rule b keeps us on Pa. 646 northeast out of Pennsylvania onto N.Y. 16 to #37 west on N.Y. 417 at Olean, then south through interchange 23 onto U.S. 219ís roads through Burning Well to #38ís northwest on Pa. 321 at Wilcox.


c) 2

#38 placed us *on* U.S. 62 before Starbrick, then our coffee break [rectangular cuboidal means brick-shaped] does not include an Action to supplant rule b for U.S. 62, so in New York rule b still keeps us on U.S. 62 through Frewsburg to #39 left after interchange 14, then we see Falconer and rule c sends us north at Jamestown to stay upon narrow other through highway up to #40 northeast on N.Y. 5 at Dunkirk, then south onto U.S. 20 at Silver Creek, then southeast onto N.Y. 394 at Westfield to west on N.Y. 474 before Lakewood, then rule b keeps us on N.Y. 474 to the junction after its second symbol, where we see N.Y. 426ís end at the state boundary [Named Highway def.: N.Y. 426 ends when its road Ďreaches the edge of the jurisdiction of the named highway (e.g., state boundary)í], so we end #40 by going south back to Pennsylvania for #41 east on U.S. 6 at the junction before Corry.


c) 2

After #42, rule b keeps us on Pa. 97 to the Erie map, where the Named Highway def. says that Pa. 97 ends just after Robison Rd., at the point where *the type of road it lies upon [narrow other through highway] ends*, so #43 is northeast onto I-90 at interchange 27, then we cross Lake Pleasant Rd. to #44 northwest onto Wattsburg Rd., whose road rule c keeps us upon to #44 northeast on U.S. 20, then southeast on Pa. 430, then back on the state map we see town Little Hope (a/k/a little hope: lower case doesnít matter: B.R. 3/f) nearby as we approach Pa. 89 to end #44.


b) 1

[Note: the answer is 1 whether we go left on Pa. 198 or right on Pa. 198.] #44 ended by placing us *onto* other through highway toward Little Hope, not *on* Pa. 89, so rule c keeps us upon road to Union City for #45 west onto Pa. 97 at U.S. 6, then we end #45 south on U.S. 19 below Waterford, then we begin considering Q12 (as stated in B.R. 2/a and also mentioned in a note after #17) when we Ďhave completed the Numbered Instruction immediately precedin Q12) and we go through Indian Head on the way to Cambridge Springs and Woodcock; then either: if the date is odd, we go east on Pa. 198 and ahead through Blooming Valley (seeing no unincorporated town) and Guys Mills and up to see unincorporated New Richmond for #46 with rule a northeast onto Pa. 77ís road, which takes us through Corry and Spring Creek to northwest on U.S. 6 at Pittsfield; or: if the date is even, we go west on Pa. 198, then rule b keeps us on 198 up through Saegertown and west through interchange 154 (198 is identified over past Conneautville) to #46 north at Little Corners, then east on U.S. 6N.

Leg 2 Answer * Harmony, Pennsylvania, to Beauty, Kentucky *


c) 2

#2ís first right is not at Unionville [no interchange: B.R. 3/d] but later, at interchange on I-376, then rule b keeps us on I-376 to end #2 east on Pa. 18 near West Middlesex, then we go through Walmo before #3 west on U.S. 422 [last two digits the same; westbound U.S. 422 comes up through New Castle from down east-southeast near Butler], then rule b keeps us on U.S. 422 and (with B.R.s 3/a & 3/b) through the Youngstown / Warren map on p. 79, after which on the Ohio state map we go through Delightful before ending #3 south on Ohio 534 through Phalanx.


c) 2

After #5 ends southeast at interchange 187, #6 is north onto Ohio 43, then east onto Ohio 82, then we go through Mantua Corners, so then itís too late for #7 north on 44, so we keep going to rule c south at Hiram (to stay upon road), then southeast to Garrettsville for #7 north onto Ohio 88, then west onto gray other road back to Hiram (seeing Hiram Coll.), where rule c sends us north to stay upon gray other road up to see Century Village before #8 east on Ohio 87 at Burton.


c) Rome

Eastbound on Ohio 87, 87 ends after Gustavus at Ohio 7 above Kinsman, so rule d sends us up onto Ohio 7, then rule c keeps us upon 7ís principal highway to west on U.S. 322 at Williamsfield, then north onto Ohio 45 at Orwell to see Rome first before #9 west onto U.S. 6.


c) 2

#9 did not place us *on* southbound Ohio 44; so, at Ohio 14 [where our principal highway goes two ways, not in a sole, unique direction: B.R. 1] rule d sends us ahead onto gray other road through Ravenna (Town def.: county seats are towns), then ahead through interchange 38 to E. Canton, where rule d sends us southeast off 44 and through Robertsville to #10 southwest on Ohio 183 at Minerva (183 is identified both up near Ohio 173 and southwest near Magnolia).


b) 1 or 3

After #10 on Ohio 183 at Minerva, we go through Pekin and Oneida, then #11 is left at Magnolia, then we canít end #11 when we see town Dellroy, so rule c keeps us going through Dellroy and Leavittsville to end #11 at Sherrodsville.


a) 0

#12 is on U.S. 250 (not I-77, which is an Interstate highway, not a U.S. highway), then right not on U.S. 36 (which the Named Highway def. says ends at or near its last shield, where its type of road ends) but on U.S. 22 near Cadiz.


d) 3

#16 is east on U.S. 40 at interchange 193 [3 is triple 1, and 9 is triple 3], then rule b keeps us on U.S. 40 at interchange 204 [2 is 2 more than 0, and 4 is 2 more than 2], then #17 is south on Ohio 149 at the junction after Morristown, then #18 is southwest back onto westbound I-70, then south on Ohio 800 at interchange 202, then #19 is east on Ohio 147 at Barnesville, then south on Ohio 26 through Bethesda, seeing both town and county Belmont, hence plural Belmonts, then rule b keeps us on Ohio 26 through Monroe County as well as its county seat Woodsfield to #20 north on Ohio 260 near Bloomfield.


b) no

From Ohio 60, #23 is west on Ohio 78 (identified both northeast near Reinersville and southwest near Ringgold) through Malta.


b) Ringgold

Southbound on Ohio 13, rule b sends us east at Chauncey (as would rule c) for 4 miles to go northwest on U.S. 33 past The Plains, then we end #24 back northbound through Chauncey, then #25 is right onto Ohio 78 through Ringgold.


c) 2

#27 ends south at interchange 129 [2 is double 1, and 9 is triple the sum of 1 + 2 = 3], then we go through Buckeye Lake and unincorporated Lakeside to rule d ahead down Ohio 37 to #28 right on U.S. 22 at Lancaster through Delmont.


a) 0

From Ohio 104, #29 is left on U.S. 50 near Chillicothe, then rule b keeps us on 50 through Londonderry and Prattsville to end #29 northeast on Ohio 32 to #30ís stop at Albany, which we leave with the Action northeast, which (having become the most-recently-performed Action) cancels our rule-b obligation of staying on Ohio 32, so at the first interchange rule c sends us south to stay upon our orange multilane with U.S. 33, then #30 ends right on Ohio 7 near Pomeroy.


d) interchange whose number includes no digit 1

On Ohio 7 we enter the Huntington map, where we stay on Ohio 7 past Bradrick [U.S. 60 stays in West Virginia] to #31 (the mapís compass symbol is rotated counterclockwise: Action def.) south on U.S. 52 at interchange before Sybene to cross the river upon blue road [52 comes in from Ironton in Ohio and goes through Sybene to cross the river at Ohio 7, then doubles back west at interchange 6 [no digit 1] to join I-64 to leave I-64 at interchange 1].

Leg 3 Answer * Beauty, Kentucky, to Paradise, Michigan *


b) no

During #3, on U.S. 60 we cross I-64 [not U.S. and not unNumbered interchange], then in Ashland on the Huntington / Ashland map rule b keeps us on U.S. 60 east at the south end of the blue road in Ashland (at which thereís no interchange) to Catlettsburg and east through Kenovia and Ce o to end #3 left on U.S. 52 across the same bridge that we used after Leg 2ís #31, then the first U.S. highway shield we go through is U.S. 52ís after Sybene.


c) see Ohio 125 and blue creek at the same time

We leave the Huntington map on U.S. 52 in Ohio, so B.R. 3/b takes us to the Ohio state map to stay on U.S. 52 past Portsmouth to #4 right onto unpaved road at Buena Vista, then we first see Ohio 125 and town Blue Creek (B.R. 3/f) at the same time.


c) 2

#6 is west on Ohio 124 just past Sinking Spring, then right on U.S. 50 (seeing county seat Hillsboro), then #7 is left on Ohio 753 (identified to the south and up past Good Hope) at Rainsboro, then east through Greenfield, then south at Lyndon, then east at South Salem, then southwest back onto U.S. 50, seeing Knockemstiff.


c) 2

#8 is north on Ohio 73 [product 7 x 3 = 21; the number 21ís digits are 1 and 2] at Hillsboro (62 is U.S., not state), then rule b keeps us on 73 through New Vienna, then #9 is east on U.S. 22 past Melvin, then northwest on Ohio 56, then southwest at London on Ohio 38 (identified up near Rosedale and south of Newport), then rule b keeps us on Ohio 38 through Bloomingburg to rule d ahead onto U.S. 62 to end #9 northwest on Ohio 41 toward Eber.


c) see Oldest Concrete Street in the U.S., 1891

#10 ends west onto orange multilane, then B.R. 3/a takes us to the Springfield map on p. 79, where we go ahead onto westbound North St. [the one way route is in the correct direction], at whose end rule c sends us back southeast onto Columbia St. to stay upon our principal highway [again the one way route is in the correct direction], upon which we cross Main St. to leave the Springfield map upon northeastbound Ohio 4, then back on the state map #11 is north on Ohio 31 near Marysville, then west on Ohio 47 at Summersville past Oldest Concrete Street in the U.S., 1891 near Bellefontaine.


d) St. Paris

#12ís east is onto Ohio 274 through Carthagena, then rule d is ahead after New Bremen to rule c southeast through McCartyville to Sidney, where we cannot use rule c (narrow other through highways go both northeast and east: B.R. 1: must be in a sole, unique direction), so, without rule a, b, or c, as noted in the note before Leg 1ís #5, we drop down to rule d to go ahead south through Kirkwood and Lockington to rule d onto Ohio 66 to rule d east onto U.S. 36 at Piqua through Lena to end #12 north on Ohio 235, immediately seeing St. Paris.


a) yes

Although #13 doesnít place us *on* Ohio 309, nevertheless after Iberia rule c sends us north to stay upon the same wide principal highway, then east through Galion, then northeast toward Mansfield to drive south on Ohio 314 across county boundary to Morrow.


c) U.S. 36

We can go through Morrow Countyís Cardington, Chesterville, Edison, and Fulton, in that order, in any of a few ways, but Sparta has to be the last town gone through and Marengo the town before that: if we had gone through Marengo westbound, weíd have to have come from Chesterville, which we canít have done, because weíve already gone through Chesterville to get to Edison; so we must have gone through Marengo eastbound to go south through Sparta, from which we continue ahead to #15 southwest on U.S. 36. [We traveled on U.S. 42 during the Meander, but we werenít considering Q32 yet [B.R. 2/a].]


b) itís odd

If your age is an even number of years, #18 is west on the even- Numbered I-96, then on the Lansing map on p. 50 #19 is north on I-496 toward its interchange 11, then rule b keeps you on I-496 to interchange 95 for #20 north on I-69, which rule b keeps you on back to the state map for #21 north on Mich. 52, to whose numberís first digit 5 you add your even-Numbered age, yielding an odd number; or, if your age is an odd number of years, #18 is west on the odd-Numbered I-69, then on the Lansing map #19 is east on I-496 toward its interchange 1, then rule b keeps you on I-496 to interchange 73/106 for #20 west on I-96, which rule b keeps you on back to the state map for #21 north on Mich. 66, to whose numberís first digit 6 you add your odd-Numbered age, yielding an odd number too.


a) yes

#24 is not at interchange 127 on U.S. 127 (a U.S. highway, not an Interstate highway) but later, on the Saginaw map, on I-75 at interchange 149, then #24 ends west on Mich. 61 at interchange 190 to go through Wooden Shoe Village.


d) 4 or 5

Q35 begins at the completion of the preceding Numbered Instruction 25 at Temple (B.R. 2/a; as for Leg 1ís Q12), after which we enter Osceola Co., then we use one card to go southeast at Mich. 115, then the other card to go north at Mich. 66 to leave Osceola Co. [count 1 for having gone through] and enter Missaukee Co., then, since weíre not *on* 66, after crossing Clam rule d sends us ahead onto wide principal highway, then, after Lake City, rule c keeps us upon principal highway west [count 2] to Manton in Wexford Co., then north [count 3] to Grand Traverse Co. and page 50 to leave Grand Traverse Co. [count 4] for Kalkaska Co., in which #26 and our consideration of Q35 ends.


d) 3

After #26, we go through F eric to reach #27 south at Mich. 93, then we begin to consider Q36 and cross I-75 at interchange 259, then #28 is west on Mich. 72, on which we go through two Mich. 72 symbols (plural symbols), crossing boundary into Grand Traverse County, then northeast on U.S. 31, then rule d at I-75 takes us across Straits of Mackinac to reach interchange 352.

Leg 4 Answer * Paradise, Michigan, to Success, Missouri *


a) yes

If you chose the card to first go right onto solid gray other road (before Newberry), then rule c sends you up H37 to right onto dashed unpaved road (before Deer Park), then #2 is left on Mich. 123 back to Paradise, then rule b sends you down Mich. 123 to #3 at interchange 352, along the way having seen at least 3 lakes [for instance Hulbert L., Trout L., and Brevoort L.], as well as the Three Lakes (B.R. 3/f) campsite south of Mich. 28; or, if you chose the card to first go right onto dashed unpaved road (circling counterclockwise above the state park), then right onto solid gray other road (toward Deer Park), then rules c and d take you through Deer Park to Munising for #2 left on Mich. 28 to #3 at interchange 386, along the way also having seen at least 3 lakes [an unnamed lake in Seney Natíl Wildlife Refuge, N. Manistique L., and Hulbert L.], as well as the Three Lakes campsite. [Any Great Lake could count too.]


d) Witch Lake

At the junction after the town of Three Lakes we do not meet U.S. 141: U.S. 141 ends down at Covington, where U.S. 141ís road becomes the pathway of Mich. 28 Ė 28 is identified both west and east and is continuous through Covington [Named Highway def.], so, our failing being able to go southwest on U.S. highway yet, rule b keeps us on U.S. 41 northward through Alberta all the way up to Copper Harbor, where we loop back upon Mich. 26 to #5 southwest on U.S. 41 at Phoenix, then coffee at the Iron Country Cafť is in Mohawk, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 41 back through the town Three Lakes to end #5 south after Champion on Mich. 95 to see Witch Lake first.


d) 3

#6 ends south on U.S. 45 [Wisc. 32 ends at the state boundary, so U.S. 45 continues south from Watersmeet even though it has no further shield on the Michigan map], then on p. 114 #7 is west on Wisc. 70 at Eagle River through Arbor Vitae, then at Winter #8ís Action west cancels our obligation of staying *on* Wisc. 70, so at Wisc. 27 rule c sends us north to stay upon our principal highway to go left onto U.S. 63 at Hayward through Springbrook to rule d south at Trego to rule d ahead onto blue road (the left at Hayward did not place us *on* U.S. 63) with U.S. 53 to go through Sarona.


b) no

#9 ends south after Catawba on County Highway O [letter O], then #10 is north at Ogema [greater than 1/4 map inch from Timms Hill [SEE def.]]. [Note: we misspelled the abbreviation *Wis.*, but the correct answer is not affected.]


b) Mount Ida

#12 is northeast onto Wisc. 54, then south onto Wisc. 71, then south onto Wisc. 27, upon whose roads rules c and d take us through county seats Sparta and Viroqua, then at the next junction (3 miles from Liberty Pole) we neither see Rising Sun [1/4 map inch: SEE def.] nor have crossed Kickapoo yet, and, since we werenít placed *on* 27, rule c keeps us upon our principal highway ahead across Kickapoo at Readstown to Richland Center for #13 south on Wisc. 80 (identified both north and south), which rule b keeps us on to #14 west on U.S. 18 at Cobb, then we see Mount Ida first.


d) 3

We see Harmony as soon as we complete #14, then #15 is south onto W14 through Spillville [where DvořŠk wrote his American Quartet], then northeast onto Iowa 24 [we see Festina ahead, within 1/4 map inch; SEE def.], then rule c at Calmar sends us south with our narrow road to west at county seat West Union, then rule d sends us ahead onto Iowa 346 to see Little Brown Church in the Vale.


a) 0

After #15, rule b keeps us on U.S. 218 southeast out of Waterloo to #16 north on Iowa 150 through Vinton, then rule b keeps us on 150 through interchange 43 to go south 4 miles east of Maynard, then rules c and d keep us upon 187ís roads to end #16 west through Winthrop.


c) 2

After #18 south on Iowa 21 in Hawk Co., after Belle Plaine we see [river] Iowa in [county] Iowa in [state of] Iowa, then #19 is west onto U.S. 6, whose wide road heads south at Lambs Grove to #19ís east on I-80 at interchange 164, then #19 ends not on S74 (no interchange: B.R. 3/d) but after we continue through interchange 168 to go south on Iowa 146.


b) Maharishi Vedic City in Jefferson

After #20, rule b keeps us on Iowa 92 across U.S. 218 [the state highway is odd-Numbered 27; the even-Numbered highway 218 is U.S., not state], then north near Grandview [weíre arriving on Iowa 92, which goes north only], then, after Iowa 92ís last symbol near Fruitland (ignoring Illinois 92, a different named highway [Named Highway def.]), rule c keeps us upon U.S. 61ís roads to the Quad Cities map on p. 33 to #21 south on Iowa 22 across I-280, then back on the Iowa state map rule b keeps us on Iowa 22 to end #21 north on U.S. 218 at interchange 80, then #22 is southwest on Iowa 1 on the Iowa City map, then back on the state map among Q45ís choices on Iowa 1 we see Maharishi Vedic City in Jefferson county first.


a) 0

After #22, rule d is southwest at Unionville, then rule c is west with U.S. 136 (ignoring Missouri 5: it was Iowa 5 that #22 had placed us on: Named Highway def.) to #23 north on Mo. 139, then east at the next junction, still on p. 39 seeing neither E nor EE (B.R. 3/c).


a) yes; 5

#24 did not place us *on* U.S. 63, so we ignore rule b as rules c and d take us through Kirksville; southbound at the junction after Kirksville rule d sends us ahead from wide principal highway onto orange multilane [the road to the east [Mo. 6] is a narrow other through highway anyway], then #25 is west onto Mo. 11 (ignoring Mo. 3, which ends at Mo. 11), then #26 is not left at New Boston [#26 says Ďcounty highwayí, and J is in Macon Co., not in our Linn Co., and has reached the edge of its jurisdiction [Named Highway def.]], nor on C [not at a town], but north on M at Brookfield, then rule b keeps us on northbound M into Sullivan Co. to end #26 south at Mo. 6 at Milan [not *on* Mo. 6] through Mo. 5 symbol and Browning to #27 west on U.S. 36 at Laclede.


b) Fair Play

Since #30 did not place us *on* Mo. 7, near Clinton rule c keeps us upon our orange multilane with Mo. 13 to #31 east toward Mo. 83 at Osceola, then south after Harper, then, since we were not placed *on* Mo. 83, rules c and d head us west upon U.S. 54 across Mo. 13 to go south on Mo. 32 near El Dorado Sprs. back through Fair Play first on the long drive to Success.

Leg 5 Answer * Success, Missouri, to Valentine, Nebraska *



Missouri, Arkansas [Leg 5 #3], Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma [Leg 5 #11], Colorado [Leg 5 S.I. B], South Dakota, North Dakota, Manitoba [Leg 6 #15], Saskatchewan [Leg 6 #17], Montana, Idaho, British Columbia [Leg 7 S.I. A], Oregon [Leg 7 #2], Utah, Wyoming [Leg 7 #9], Arizona, New Mexico [Leg 7 #18], Nevada, California.


a) Olden

After #2 and Eunice, rule b keeps us on Mo. 17 across U.S. 60 [no county seat in sight] to U.S. 160 [not 2 digits] and U.S. 63 [not even], so with rule b we keep going southward on Mo. 17 through Lanton and onto Ark. 395 to rule d onto Ark. 9 to #3 west on U.S. 62 at Salem, then #4 is north on Ark. 223 back to Missouri and onto County E through Moody to rule d onto U.S. 160 at S. Fork, then left on U.S. 63 through town Olden first.


b) no

S.I. A specifically pertains to bold-faced names in Instructions; Q50 is not an Instruction but a Question, to which S.I. Aís bold-facedness does not pertain; so MMs in Q50 refers not to printed names MM but to regular objects MM themselves (i.e., to county highways named MM); such highways are not gone through plurally.


c) Olathe

Heading westbound on U.S. 160 after #6 we see the printed name Independence (S.I. A) alongside us as we reach U.S. 169, so #7 is north on U.S. 169 past Cherryvale, then rule b keeps us on 169 northeast in Anderson Co. to the Kansas City map on p. 58 to end #7 southwest on I-35 in Olathe, which does not have a county seat symbol there, but as soon as B.R. 3/b takes us back to the Kansas map on I-35 we see Olatheís county seat symbol within 1/4 map inch behind us. [We donít see Greensburg [I-8] at all: the Curse of the Kiowa.]


d) Riley County

After #8, rule b keeps us on Kans. 177 (counting U.S. highway shields gone through, not state highway symbols) to and from the Manhattan map [where we go through one U.S. 24 shield], then back on the state map we go through a second U.S. 24 shield, then [Kans. 177ís having ended] rule d sends us ahead onto U.S. 77 through Randolph and a U.S. 77 shield to #9 right onto Kans. 9ís road after Blue Rapids, then north at Frankfort, then, since we havenít crossed a county boundary yet, we cross U.S. 36 upon Kans. 99ís road to enter Nebraska, then B.R. 3/b takes us to the Nebraska map on p. 63 to cross Pawnee/Gage county boundary to #10 west at U.S. 136 toward Rockford, then at Beatrice we have satisfied neither of #11ís conditions, so rules c and d (#10 didnít place us *on* U.S. 136) keep us going upon U.S. 136ís road, then ahead at U.S. 81 onto its orange multilane, which rule c keeps us upon south past Chester and back to the Kansas map to drive the height of Kansas through Salina upon I-35, then through Wichita (ahead with rule c at interchange 1A, then with rule d onto I-35 at interchange 42), to Oklahoma for #11 after Cimarron Tpk. east on U.S. 77 through Perry and interchange 3, then with rule b back up on U.S. 77 through Winfield, Kans., and back to the Kansas map and most of the height of Kansas to enter Marshall County northbound, then immediately we see Riley County behind us [then #12 is east onto Kans. 233 when we see Nebraska ahead, then rule c at Oketo sends us down to U.S. 36 for #13].


d) 3

Chip goes north on Nebr. 44, which ends at Glenwood Park [not at U.S. 30: 2nd Av. is identified both south and north, so Nebr. 44ís road doesnít become the pathway of 2nd Av. at U.S. 30; it already is 2nd Av.ís pathway], where rule c sends him east to stay upon orange multilane, then he goes east on I-80 at interchange 275, then south on Nebr. 10 at interchange 279 toward Harold Warp Pioneer Vil., stopping at U.S. 6. Dale goes south on Nebr. 44, then northeast on U.S. 6 toward Minden, then rule b keeps him on U.S. 6 [which disappears briefly when arriving on the Lincoln map, but then rule d puts him back on U.S. 6] to west on I-80 at interchange 409, then south on Nebr. 10 at interchange 279 toward Harold Warp Pioneer Vil., stopping at U.S. 6. We go south on Nebr. 44, which ends at U.S. 6/34, where rule d sends us southwest, then rules c and d keep us upon that road past printed name Parks (S.I. A) in Dundy Co., then near I-76 interchange rule d sends us southwest a bit to rule a west through Brush when we see interchange, then right on U.S. 6 at interchange 75, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 6 to interchange 125 to go left on I-76, which runs into I-80 to south [not on L56G; its road ends at interchange 179, regardless of its being county or state] on even-Numbered Nebr. 44 at interchange 272 on the Kearney map, then, once weíve all stopped at U.S. 6, somebody calls out from printed name Harold Warp Pioneer Vil., then #14 sends us east upon U.S. 6, seeing Harold Warp Pioneer Vil. on the way to Nebr. 14 [weíre still considering Q53 until #14ís north on Nebr. 14: B.R. 2/a].


b) 1

In #15, between U.S. 81 and U.S. 275 we travel upon semiprime 91 (prime 13 x prime 7 = 91), which is greater than 6 x 6 x 2 = 72; we do not travel upon a highway 6 or 12 or 18, etc.


b) no

#17 is north on Nebr. 9 after West Point, then #18 is west on Nebr. 16 at Pender, then #19 is west on Nebr. 35 [35 connects from near Hubbard to the northeast through Wayne to Winside to the southwest], then south on U.S. 81 at Norfolk [then #20 is west on 32, then at Petersburg north on 14, then west on 70].


a) incorporated town

After #20 west on Nebr. 70, rule b keeps us on 70 through Ericson and south (seeing nearby printed name 91) to Ord (70 is identified farther southwestward, near Arcadia) for #21 north on Nebr. 11 to see incorporated town Elyria first.


b) 1

After #22, rule b keeps us on U.S. 20 to p. 62 for #23 north at Crookston, then east in South Dakota, then south on U.S. 83, then, although at Valentine weíre at the end of odd-Numbered Nebr. 97, neither Niobrara nor any of its tributariesí third or sixth letter is R, so with rule b we continue southbound on U.S. 83 to go right at Nebr. 97ís southern end, within sight of river one of whose tributaries is Birdwood (third letter R, not to mention the North Platte itself), then northbound on 97 we go through Mountain Time Zone on the way back up to printed name Valentine.

Leg 6 Answer * Valentine, Nebraska, to Happys Inn, Montana † *


a) 0 or 1

#1 ends north on Nebr. 71, whose end we reach at the state boundary [ahead is S.D. 71, a different named highway], so just inside S.D., before Hat Cr., #2 is east onto dashed unpaved road in the speckledy color band, then south on U.S. 385, then east back on U.S. 20, then #3 is north on Nebr. 61 at Merriman, then at Martin in S.D. we have no rule-b obligation to stay on S.D. 73 (nor, still on p. 62, can we tell which way 73 goes, anyway), so at Martin rule d sends us ahead onto unpaved road to B.R. 3/b to the S.D. map, where across Bear-in-the-Lodge Cr. #3 ends west on S.D. 44, then, as we reach the Rapid City area, B.R. 3/a sends us first to the local Hills Region map, from which #4 sends us to the Rapid City map to see Roosevelt Park, then #4 is left, then right [the one way route is in the correct direction], then #4 is not northeast onto I-190 [which ends where its blue road type ends: Named Highway def.], then at the next junction rule c sends us back southeast in order to stay upon our principal highway [again, the one way route is in the correct direction] to #4 northeast onto BR 90 [identified both west and north] to end #4 at interchange 60.


a) Badlands Petrified Gardens

Just after interchange 55 on the Rapid City map, B.R. 3/b takes us to the S.D. state map [B.R. 3 does not direct going from a local city map to a local region map, only to a state map], where instantaneously we see Rapid Cityís county seat symbol behind us as B.R. 3/a does take us to the local Hills Region map [from a state map to a local region map], where at junction we use rule a [overriding rule c; S.D. 79, U.S. 14, and I-90 share the road] for #5 north on S.D. 79, then we see Badlands Petrified Gardens first.


b) 2

After #7 west at Stoneville, then back on U.S. 212 near Newell, in #8 we cannot see the wayside near Ben Ash Mon. [it disappea once we had seen it during #6: S.I. A], so for #8 we continue eastbound on U.S. 212 and go through Ziebach Co., then see a different wayside, after La Plant [the order doesnít matter], then #8 is south on U.S. 83, then east on U.S. 14, then we see county seats Highmore and Miller.


b) go through U.S. highway shield

#9ís east on S.D. 28 at incorporated town canít be done at Hitchcock, because an Action can only be done at a junction [Action def.], so we continue to Willow Lake [incorporated town at junction], where we use rule a (overriding lower-priority rule c) to continue east, then end #9 north onto S.D. 25, then #10 is west on U.S. 212 through its shield.


c) 2:30 p.m.

Eastbound on N.D. 21, at the first junction in Hettinger Co. we are at our own odd-Numbered N.D. 21, so we go north there through New England with N.D. 22 and through Dickinson and across I-94 32 miles to #12 east on N.D. 200 before Killdeer to drive another 56 miles across time zone boundary to Hazen, having traveled 32 + 56 = 88 miles in 1 hour 28 minutes, adding 1 hour for the change to Central time, stopping at 2:28 p.m.


b) 1

As we end #13 west on U.S. 2 from N.D. 30, immediately we see Towner (county) nearby to the northeast, then along U.S. 2 we see Geographical Center of N. America Monument near Rugby [the order doesnít matter], so #14 is south on N.D. 14, then southeast on U.S. 52 through Drake to #15 north on N.D. 3, then we cannot see Geographical Center of N. America Monument, because it disappea once we had seen it when westbound on U.S. 2 (S.I. A), so we continue on N.D. 3 to rule d onto U.S. 281 at Dunseith to a different point of interest, Intíl Music Camp, then enter Canada to see Boissevain and end #15 west onto Man. 3 (whose road bends down Man. 21 through Carbury to #16ís west on N.D. 14, then south [rule a] on N.D. 14 toward Kramer).


b) Fox Lake

#19 takes us up through Four Buttes and down through Peerless to east onto U.S. 2, then right on Mont. 25 to L.M. Clayton airport, then we continue down Mont. 13 to #20 near Circle left on Mont. 200 (not 200S, which ends where its road becomes the pathway of regular 200 [Named Highway def.]), then rule b keeps us on 200 past Fox Lake to #21 northeast toward Sidney, then we see blue Yellowstone river.


c) 2

The L.M. Clayton airport disappea once we had seen it in #19 (S.I. A), so in #21 we keep going through Wolf Point to stop at a different airport, Wokal Field Glasgow Intíl, then in flying to Malta in #22 the only county seats we see are Glasgow and Malta.

Leg 7 Answer * Happys Inn, Montana, to Carefree, Arizona *


d) 3

We consider Q65 from the completion of Numbered Instruction 1 as we meet Happy at Moyie Springs (B.R. 2/a); then on the Run we intentionally leave the state of Idaho by heading up into B.C. (weíre not crossing a boundary from one state to another) to make a loop through incorporated Creston; then back in Idaho we go through 13 more incorporated towns: Worley, Plummer, Bovill, Deary, Kendrick, Juliaetta, Lapwai, Culdesac, Craigmont, Ferdinand, Cottonwood, White Bird, and Riggins [then we leave Idaho county (H-2)] before reaching New Meadows for #2 west; then we go west at Cambridge, leaving the state of Idaho (still considering Q65 until we end #2 as we reach I-84ís interchange 302 in Oregon on p. 85). [We leave the state of Idaho one more time, after #2, but our consideration of Q65 had ended [B.R. 2/a].]


b) Lakeside

After #5ís south at Utah 154, rule c sends us east at 4700 S. to stay upon orange multilane to end #5 north at interchange 15 [refer to just by number, as interchange 60 was in Leg 1ís #40], then I-215 and I-15 take us to see Lakeside golf course first near W. Bountiful for #6ís south on U.S. 89.


a) Interstate 15 shield

After #6 on Utah 186, near St. Capitol we see river named City, then from Utah 186 #7 is west on I-80 at interchange 1/129, then #8 is north on U.S. 89, then right on Utah 68, then with rule c we head back southward and see Interstate 15 shield near Rose Pk. golf course first.


b) 1

#10 is left on Wyo. 89, then northward toward Randolph to #10ís end west on Utah 30 at Sage Creek Jct., then rule b keeps us on Utah 30 through U.S. 89 shield to the Logan map for #11 south on U.S. 91, then #12 is west on Utah 30, which back on the state map rule b keeps us on to Nevada, where on p. 64 we go through Oasis before ending #12 on I-80 at interchange 378.


c) no; see waysides but not Joseph

Although #14 placed us on Utah 24 at interchange 149, #15ís Action west (rule a overriding rule b & substituting *at* 24 for *on* 24) canceled our rule-b obligation to stay on 24, so on the Capitol Reef map rule d sends us ahead south onto Utah 12, then on the state map, after the Bryce Canyon map, at U.S. 89 we see river named Sevier, so #15 ends south there, then we see wayside before Glendale, then, at the dip on U.S. 89 just after Kanab, B.R. 3/a sends us briefly to the Grand Canyon map on p. 7, where we see the wayside thatís near F onia.


a) 0

#20ís I-40 shields are on the Albuquerque map and before Gallup, then its north is not on U.S. 491 (which we consider to end where its principal highway road type ends north of Tohatchi [Named Highway def.]), nor is it at the interchange after Sanders (U.S. 191 is not identified north of I-40 on the New Mexico map: B.R. 3/c), but north on Ariz. 77 at interchange 292 on the Arizona map.


c) 3

#21 ends on the Grand Canyon map, where Moenkopi Wash is not identified (B.R. 3/c), then on the Flagstaff map we go ahead onto I-17 [both digits are odd] at its end one junction before interchange 195 (Named Highway def.), so #22ís right is west onto I-40 at interchange 195 itself, then south onto Ariz. 89 in Yavapai Co. at Ash Fork (where we see nearby interchange 145 [1 + 4 + 5 = 10]), then we see Big Chino Wash before our fuel stop at the interchange after Chino Valley, then we go south upon 89 to the Prescott map, where we see blue Granite before ending #22 on Ariz. 69.


a) blue rest area

On the far side of Payson weíre at the junction of odd Ariz. 87 and even Ariz. 260, so #26 sends us ahead on 260 toward the 87/260 symbol, but it did not use a defined Action in doing so, so (B.R. 1) it does not end our rule-b obligation of staying on Ariz. 87 nor does it invoke rule b for Ariz. 260, so at the junction after Strawberry rule b keeps us on Ariz. 87 through Long Valley to #27 left onto I-40 at interchange 257, then south on I-17 on the Flagstaff map, then for Q72 we canít count yellow Northern Ariz. Univ. because our county is not identified as Yavapai (in fact itís Coconino), nor back on the state map can we count either the mileage arrow behind us or green Slide Rock S.P. (weíre in Coconino Co. until we enter Yavapai Co. shortly before interchange 306), after which we see blue rest area near interchange 298 first.

Leg 8 Answer * Carefree, Arizona, to Golden Gate Bridge † *


d) 6 or 7

After #4ís west on Ariz. 68, B.R. 3/a takes us to the Bullhead City map on p. 9 to go west across the Colorado River into Nevada, then at the city map edge B.R. 3/b takes us to the same point on the Nevada map on p. 64, in Clark Co., so we end #4 west at Searchlight and leave Clark Co. [1] to reach #5 north on I-15 at interchange 286 in California, then we reŽnter Clark Co. [2] and go to the Las Vegas map, where #5ís turn is not at interchange 33 [Nev. 160 goes both east and west there [B.R. 1: not in a sole, unique direction] Ė this is not affected either by Blue Diamond Rd. [no junction between its and Nev. 160ís identifications] or by Windmill Ln. and Windmill Pkwy. [different named highways; they do not connect with each other]; rather, we continue on I-15 out of Las Vegas and to the Nevada map, then to the Grand Canyon map on p. 7, then back to the state map, then back to the Grand Canyon map, where we leave Nevada [and Clark Co., but itís not identified on the Grand Canyon map; this does not affect Q73ís answer] for Arizona, then Utah, then I-15 takes us all the way up to Idaho on p. 31, where finally #5ís turn is west on Idaho 22 in Idahoís Clark Co. [3], then on Idaho 22 we cut a corner of Jefferson Co. (quickly leaving [4] and then reŽntering [5] Clark Co.), then we cross Idaho 28 and leave Clark Co. [6] a final time before ending #5 left on U.S. 93 at Arco, Idaho.


b) 1

After weíve gone through 2 U.S. 93 shields and county seat Ely [the order doesnít matter], #8 is west on U.S. 6, then we go through county seat Tonopah and have to wait to go through the U.S. 6/95 highways shield after Tonopah (#9 requires a shield for plural U.S. highways, not plural shields each for a single U.S. highway) to see Coaldale ahead just before ending #9 south onto Nev. 265 toward Silver Peak.


c) 4 or 5

#12 places us on Calif. 89 in Shasta Co., then we do not perform any Glossary-defined Action in either beginning or ending our hike, so, when we resume driving at Belden (upon Calif. 70), course-following rule b still is active for Calif. 89; at the Calif. 70/89 junction after Paxton, 89 goes both ways, so we canít use rule b there but rule c keeps us upon principal highway toward Keddie and, since now weíre physically back on Calif. 89, at 70/89ís split at Blairsden rule b keeps us on Calif. 89 through Graeagle and Clio to end #12 right on Calif. 49 before Sattley, then rule b keeps us on Calif. 49, for #13 counting state highway Calif. 20 at Nevada City [then not counting Calif. 20 again at the southern end of the blue road: weíve already counted Calif. 20 at Nevada City [for #13 weíre counting state highways, not opportunities to go right on state highways]], then #13 ends right not on 80 [Interstate, not state] nor on 50 [U.S., not state] but on Calif. 120 (NM-9), having gone through 5 Calif. 49 symbols [not the one near Loyalton]: the ones after Goodyears Bar, after Alta Sierra, after Pilot Hill, after El Dorado, and after Tuttletown.


b) no; see Camino Tassajara but not Castro Valley

From southbound Morgan Territory Rd., #17 is right onto Alameda Co.ís new county boundary other road, then northwest off that road onto Highland Rd., then #18 is left just after weíve crossed Tassajara River, seeing not the town Camino Tassajara but the Named Highway Camino Tassajara, then #18 ends west on I-580 at interchange 48, ending consideration of Q76.


b) 1

Since #18 ends by placing us on I-580, at interchange 14 rule b keeps us on I-580 northwest to #19 south on I-880 at interchange 8B/46B, then in Oakland we see Jack London Square, then, after #20 southwest on Calif. 92, #20ís right is not onto Alameda Co.ís new county boundary other road (B.R. 3/d: no interchange) but at interchange 14B at the end of the bridge onto E. Third Av., then right on U.S. 101, then left on I-280.


c) 2

#22 ends southeast at interchange 14/34, then just past the Calif. 92 symbol rule c keeps us upon orange multilane upon Harder Rd. to #23 southeast onto Calif. 238, then rule d sends us ahead through I-680ís interchanges 16 and 12 to #24 northwest on I-880, on which we see Jack London Square before ending #24 on I-580 near Emeryville.


a) cross other road

#27 ends east on I-280, then after Winchester Mystery House we reach I-280ís interchange with I-880 but we have not gone through that interchange yet, so we cannot turn there now; rather, we continue ahead with rules b, c, and d, looping up I-680 through Fremont, then Calif. 24 through Lafayette and onto I-980 to its end at a slant-T at I-880 in Oakland, where rule d sends us southeasterly upon I-880 back to its interchange with I-280, which [counting interchanges when eastbound on I-280] we have gone through, so now #28 is west on I-280 toward its junction with Stevens Creek Blvd., which we cross to end #28 northeast on Calif. 92 at interchange 8/33 within sight of CaŮada Rd., then upon the San Mateo - Hayward Bridge we cross the newly-constructed Alameda County boundary other road first [then go ahead onto Foothill Blvd. and I-580 to #29 at interchange 1A-B/26].


b) San Francisco Maritime Natíl Hist. Pk.

#30ís ĎContinueí is not a Glossary-defined Action, so rule b still is in effect for U.S. 101 from San Rafael as we arrive on the Central San Francisco map on p. 16, where rule b keeps us going eastward on U.S. 101 to Van Ness Av., then south to #31 west on California St. [missing seeing Park Presidio Blvd.], then south on Parker Av., then east on Golden Gate Av., which ends where its gray other road ends, at Divisadero St., where rule d sends us ahead onto other through highway to Franklin St., where the other through highway itself ends [ahead is gray other road again], and, since Franklin St. is one way north, rule c has only one direction [Junction def.] in which it can keep us upon our other through highway, namely, going north upon Franklin St. to U.S. 101 at Lombard St., where we cannot go left toward Van Ness Av. [Van Ness Av. is to our right], so rule d keeps us going ahead onto gray other road to make a loop in Ft. Mason Golden Gate Natíl Rec. Area, seeing San Francisco Maritime Natíl Hist. Pk.; then weíre heading back southward to Lombard St. (which is okay; Franklin St.ís one way northbound ends at its roadís end at Lombard St.: Road def.) now to go left (east) on U.S. 101 toward Van Ness Av., then rule b keeps us on U.S. 101 southward back to the state map, then immediately to the Bay Area map, then to the state map again down to #31ís northwest on Calif. 1 near San Luis Obispo (SG-6 on p. 14), then rule b keeps us on Calif. 1 back up to interchange 442 on p. 13, at the nearby rest area ending the 60th annual St. Valentineís Day Massacre.