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Leg 1 Answer * Statue of Liberty to Cucumber, West Virginia  *


a) 0

As we go westbound ‘on’ Richmond Ter. after #3, course-following rule b is in effect to keep us traveling ‘on’ Richmond Ter. ahead through Mariners Harbor instead of using the lower-priority course-following rule c (which would have had us stay upon our red other through highway, going southward toward Graniteville); after Mariners Harbor, #4 sends us south onto South Av., then #5 is not at I-278, because there is no interchange there (B.R. 3/d), so we keep going upon South Av. to N.Y. 440’s interchange 8, where we can and do go north onto the blue road, then end #5 northwest on I-278 at interchange 5 9, then we go through zero N.Y. 440 symbols as rule b keeps us on I-278 to #6 south on U.S. 9 at interchange 1 (using top-priority rule a, even though rule d [ahead] would have had us go that way anyway).


a) Colts Neck

After stopping for fuel in #7, then continuing (with no Action [as defined in the Glossary] to cancel rule b) and going with B.R. 3/b to the New Jersey state map on p. 66 and then with B.R. 3/a to the New Brunswick city map, rule b keeps us on U.S. 9 southwest at South Amboy, then #8 is southeast on even-numbered N.J. 34 through Cheesequake, then back on the N.J. state map we see Colts Neck ahead first.


c) 2

B.R. 3 (also mentioned in the last note before #7) says to consider the Jersey Shore map on p. 67 to be a city map, so just before Colts Neck [which already we’ve seen for Q2] B.R. 3/a takes us to that Jersey Shore map for #9 south at interchange 36 98, then we end #9 southwest at interchange 88, then soon we see town Leisure Village [fully spelled out], then back on the N.J. state map we see Leisuretowne before #10 south at Red Lion.


d) Union Lake Wildlife Mgmt. Area

#11 is not on U.S. 322 (#11 has to be at a town) but ‘on’ U.S. 40 at Buena, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 40 west to Malaga, then northwest to #12 south on N.J. 55 at interchange 39, then B.R. 3/a takes us to the Vineland map to see Union Lake Wildlife Mgmt. Area first.


d) Stanton

After #15’s west ‘on’ Del. 4, rule b keeps us on Del. 4 where it goes west before interchange 166, then #15 ends north ‘at’ [not ‘on’] Del. 72 at Library Av., then rule c does not send us west onto Del. Av. to stay upon our type of road [red other through highway] (Del. Av. is one-way east [Road def.]), so we continue ahead with rule d past Ogletown Rd., then rule c keeps us upon orange multilane road ahead at Del. 2 (#15 didn’t place us ‘on’ 72, so we have no obligation to stay on 72) to #16 south (within 45°) on odd-numbered Del. 7, then we see Stanton first as we approach #16’s left on Del. 4.  [We also saw Newport and Ogletown before having completed #15, but that was too early to consider for Q5: B.R. 2/a.]


c) Rising Sun

#17 ends at interchange 119 (earlier crossings didn’t have the needed interchange: B.R. 3/d), then #18 (B.R. 3/d again) is southwest on Del. 10 at the second interchange 95 on the Dover map (to which we’ve gone with B.R. 3/a), then back on the state map #18 ends south on U.S. 13, then we see Rising Sun first.


d) Woodenhawk

Although we see Taber S.F. when westbound on Del. 14, that’s too soon to count for Q7: B.R. 2/a; #20’s first action puts us ‘on’ Md. 313 south from Md. 317 (still on p. 24: B.R. 3/b), then #20’s last action, left at interchange with top-priority rule a, cancels our rule-b obligation of trying to stay on Md. 313 (this Action at interchange becomes the ‘most recently-performed Action’, superseding the previous Action of being put ‘on’ Md. 313 at Md. 317 [regardless of whether Md. 313 goes through Denton or left at interchange itself: rule a always takes precedence]), then, since we’re no longer obligated to stay on Md. 313, rule c sends us ahead upon wide red principal highway at the junction where Md. 313 goes south toward Federalsburg, then #21 is not on state highway 16 (that’s Delaware 16 over there, which ends at the state boundary just past Hickman: Named Highway def.), so with rule c we keep going upon principal highway and see Woodenhawk first as we continue into Delaware and onto Del. 404 to #21 left on Del. 36 at Scotts Corner.


c) 8

After #21, we’re going south on U.S. 13 to the Salisbury map on p. 47 in Md. (B.R. 3/a), at whose first interchange the Named Highway to the southwest is not Salisbury Pkwy. but Salisbury Blvd., so at that interchange rule b makes us stay on U.S. 13 across Zion Rd. to the southeast until we reach the real #22 southwest on Salisbury Pkwy. at the next interchange, then northwest on Truitt St., then southwest onto BR 13 to complete #22, then (B.R. 2/a) we begin to count highway shields [the BR 13 shield is #1], then #23 is south on BR 13 [with top-priority rule a, even though we’d go that way with rule c anyway], then after interchange we go through a regular U.S. 13 shield [#2] just before B.R. 3/b takes us to the Maryland state map, also on p. 47, where we go through 2 more U.S. 13 shields [#3, #4] before at the map edge B.R. 3/b takes us to the Virginia state map on p. 107 just before Nelsonia (due east of the northern hook of Tangier I.), where we go through 2 more U.S. 13 shields [#5, #6] before B.R. 3/a takes us to the Hampton Roads map on p. 105 (B.R. 3), where we go through 1 U.S. 13 shield in Northampton Co. [#7], then another U.S. 13 shield in Virginia Beach [#8], but then, since #23’s first Action put us on BR 13 (not regular U.S. 13), we don’t stay on regular U.S. 13 at Military Hwy. but go ahead with rule d onto Princess Anne Rd. and Va. 166 (no U.S. highway shield) to end #23 west on U.S. 58.


c) Farmville

#25 can’t be on Va. 153 (in Nottoway Co., under construction), nor can we go ahead onto limited-access highway (under construction), but rule d sends us onto red principal highway to Blackstone, where rule c sends us up through county seat Nottoway back onto U.S. 460, then #25 can’t be on Va. 49 (under construction) nor on 723 (either it ends at Burkeville [we’re up on U.S. 460] or it’s a Lunenburg Co. highway), then we stay on U.S. 460 (S.I. A) to #25 east on odd Va. 307 just before Rice (although the section of 307 in Nottoway Co. still is under construction, we’re in Cumberland Co. where 307 is not under construction, and the Nottoway Co. construction ends as soon as we’ve completed #25, so we safely go through Nottoway Co. to #26 southwest on U.S. 360 back into Nottoway Co. [not seeing county seat Nottoway now: it’s over 1/4 inch away], then #27 is right back on U.S. 460, from which we see Farmville first.


d) 3

#27 ends not on U.S. 29 (B.R. 3/a takes us to the Lynchburg map, where we do see U.S. 460 shield) but later, on BR 29, which rule b keeps us on to see Odd Fellows Rd. and, back on the state map, go through town Five Forks, then #28 sends us on U.S. 60 across Appalachian Trail before ending #28 by turning after Oronoco.


c) 3

#30’s first opportunity is at interchange 195 (too soon to count for Q11: B.R. 2/a), then, since #29 did not use the word ‘on’, it did not activate rule b to keep us ‘on’ I-64, so rule d sends us ahead with I-81 to #30 west at interchange 188, then rule c at Lexington keeps us upon orange multilane up through E. Lexington to #31 east back on I-64, then south on I-81 to the Roanoke map (B.R. 3/a) to go north on Va. 311 at interchange 140, then rule b keeps us on 311 through town Hanging Rock back to the state map and west at Catawba and through town Paint Bank = paint bank (B.R. 3/f) to cut a corner of West Virginia (going through it: Glossary def.: enter and then leave).


c) 3

After #31, just past interchange 161 B.R. 3/b takes us to the West Virginia map on p. 112 for #32 southeast on I-77, then west at interchange 28, then we see [not counting Flat Top or Wolf Pen, which do not have 3-letter names but 3-letter words in their names] 3-letter Odd before #33 south on W.Va. 16, then we also see Bud and War before reaching Cucumber.

Leg 2 Answer * Cucumber, West Virginia, to Spuds, Florida  *


c) no

#2 places us ‘on’ U.S. 19, so rule b keeps us on U.S. 19 through both Bluefields and up through Princeton to end #2 southeast on I-77 at interchange 20, then #3 is at interchange 9 onto U.S. 460, which is not a state highway.


a) northeasterly

#6 did not use the magic word ‘on’ to place us on Va. 311 at New Castle; we go south upon Va. 311 anyway, but rule b is not in effect to keep us on 311; rather, at Hanging Rock on the Roanoke map rule c sends us east to stay upon our wide red principal highway, then rule d sends us ahead down Va. 419 to #7 northeast on Grandin Rd. just before Sugar Loaf, then #7 ends northwest on U.S. 11, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 11 off the map west of Salem back to the state map and down to #8 northeast on I-81 at odd interchange 89, then I-81 takes us back to the Roanoke map, where we reach interchange 141 going northeasterly (B.R. 2/a: when we reached interchange 141 earlier, southbound upon Va. 419 between #6 and #7, it was too early to consider Q14).


c) yes; person

After #10, our orange multilane highway ends at Danville, so rule d sends us south out of Danville onto narrow red other through highway, then onto N.C. 86, which (still on the p. 106 Virginia map: B.R. 3/b) takes us to the junction before Yanceyville, where (B.R. 3/c) we cannot on the p. 106 map use p. 74 information that this is a junction with an even-numbered U.S. highway, so rule d sends us ahead through Yanceyville and B.R. 3/b sends us to the North Carolina map on p. 74, where we find that we’re going easterly with rule c upon broad red principal highway through Pleasant Grove to #11 south on even-numbered U.S. 158 at Roxboro, the Person county seat, so immediately we see county person (B.R. 3/f), then #12 is south on U.S. 501 toward Durham.


b) 1

#13 places us ‘on’ I-40, which rule b keeps us on to #14 at interchange 203 on the Greensboro map, then #15 is east at (not ‘on’) I-74 to see Skeet Club Rd. before rule d sends us ahead past A.J. Simeon Stad. onto N. Main St. to end #15 right at (not ‘on’) U.S. 70 down Westchester Dr.


a) yes

After #15 down Westchester Dr., we arrive at English Rd., where we can’t use rule c at all (orange multilane goes both right and left; B.R. 1 requires a ‘sole, unique direction’), so we must drop down to rule d to go ahead onto Market Center Dr., then ahead onto University Pkwy. and Hartley Dr. to #16 north onto Honeytown Rd., then #17 is west on I-74 to cross Union Cross Rd. (identified both west and north of the town Union Cross).


c) 2

After #20, we go down Winston Rd. through interchange 92 back to the state map upon gray road (now N.C. 8) east of I-285, so #21 is northeast on I-85 at interchange 91, then southeast on even U.S. 64, then southwest at I-73 on N.C. 49, from which we see both Farmer and Misenheimer.


a) Great Falls

After #22 southbound on I-77, we cross the state boundary before leaving the Charlotte map, so at the map edge (B.R. 3/b) we go to the map ‘for the state or province you’re in, South Carolina on p. 92, where there is no S.C. state highway 160 to the east; since now we are on the S.C. state map, #23 is east on S.C. 200 at interchange 48 (identified on p. 92 both southwest and northeast near Lancaster), then we see Great Falls on the way to #24 near Lancaster.


b) go through Francis Marion National Forest

With some variations, here’s one way: east from Manning, then left to take S.C. 261, then southwest onto U.S. 52, then southeast onto S.C. 375, then southwest to take Alt 17 through Francis Marion National Forest to Moncks Corner.


c) Fairfax

#27 is west on U.S. 301 (identified northeast near Florence and southwest near Bamberg) through interchange 154 to end #27 southeast on U.S. 278 at Allendale to go through Fairfax first.


b) Hephzibah

#28 does not end on 119 (whose symbol straddles the Savannah river, but 119 would end at Garnett anyway, where its road type ends) or on Ga. 73 (which ends at the river), but west on S.C. 125, then on the Augusta map #29 is northwest on S.C. 28 through Beech Island, then south on U.S. 25 past Old and Old Savannah Rd. but not (with commas) a single Old, Old, Old Savannah Rd., then on the Georgia state map we see Hephzibah first.


d) 3

Shortly after leaving Portal, Portia goes south on Ga. 121 (sum 1+2+1 = 4), then she crosses I-16 at interchange 104 (sum 1+0+4 = 5), then, staying on Ga. 121 on p. 29, she goes through county seats Reidsville and Blackshear on the way to U.S. 82 at Hoboken.  Pete goes south at Adrian on Ga. 15 (sum 1+5 = 6), then he crosses I-16 at interchange 71 (sum 7+1 = 8), then, staying on Ga. 15 on p. 29, he goes through county seat Baxley and Bristol to county seat Blackshear, which rule c takes him through on the way to U.S. 82 also at Hoboken.  You go south in Emanuel Co. on U.S. 1, then cross I-16 at interchange 90 (sum 9+0 = 9), then, staying on U.S. 1 on p. 29, you go through county seats Baxley and Alma (in county Bacon = bacon [B.R. 3/f]) on the way to U.S. 82 near Deenwood; Portia and Pete see the same county Bacon = bacon to their west before Bristol.


a) interchange 323

Northbound U.S. 17 (with Ga. 25) comes up through Waverly (N-11) and at the junction with orange multilane highway just west of interchange 29 heads east through interchange 29 to the Brunswick map; therefore eastbound U.S. 82 ends at that U.S. 17 junction west of the interchange (Named Highway def.: ‘until the type of road it lies upon … reaches a junction at which it becomes the pathway of a different named highway’, viz. U.S. 17), so #32 is southwest onto U.S. 17/Ga. 25 through Waverly, then down through Woodbine, Kingsland, and Yulee to the Jacksonville map, where we arrive upon U.S. 17’s road to end #32 east on Fla. 105, then #33 is south at interchange 41, then we go ahead through interchanges 46 and 48 and ahead off the Jacksonville map upon Ga. 9B to the state map, where #33 ends southeast on I-95 near the printed name Fruit Cove and we see interchange 323 first, before #34 southwest through Vermont Hts. to Spuds.

Leg 3 Answer * Spuds, Florida, to Beanblossom, Indiana  *


a) yes

Since #2 does not place us ‘on’ Fla. 100, rule b is not in effect to keep us on 100; rather, just past Palatka rule c sends us north to stay upon our orange multilane highway back to the Jacksonville map to end #2 southwest on Fla. 21 just before Avondale, then #3 is northwest onto I-295 at interchange 12, then #3 ends not where we cross U.S. 90 [no interchange there: B.R. 3/d] but after we’ve half-circled clockwise upon I-295 to go west on U.S. 90 at interchange 51, then immediately we see Big I. Swamp nearby to the southwest (Cedar Swamp and Ryals Swamp behind us too).


b) Homerville

#5 is south on secondary 229, then left on non-secondary Fla. 121, which ends at I-10, where our type of road ends [Named Highway def.: the road ahead to Macclenny is orange multilane; and both Georgia 121 and secondary [rectangular symbol] Fla. 121 are different named highways], so rule d sends us ahead to Macclenny, then rule c sends us west to stay upon our orange multilane, then rule d keeps us going through Glen St. Mary and out of Baker Co. to end #6 north on U.S. 441, then we stay on the p. 26 map through Homerville, after which at the map edge B.R. 3/b sends us to the Georgia map on p. 29.


d) 3

#9 is left onto Ga. 333 at Quitman, then #10 is right onto Ga. 133, then left on Ga. 38 [which runs together with U.S. 84] just south of Remerton, then #11 is left on Ga. 135 at Naylor, then immediately we stop for coffee, then continue, leaving Lowndes Co., then on Ga. 135 we cross Satilla River in Coffee Co. and #13 is north on Ga. 31 south of Douglas, then right on Ga. 32 in Douglas, then left back onto Ga. 135 [1+3+5 = odd 9], seeing Gen-eral Coffee S.P. and then entering Jeff Davis Co. before ending #13 southeast on U.S. 341 [3+4+1 = 8] at Hazlehurst.


a) 0

After #18 ‘on’ Ga. 18 at Zebulon, at Greenville rule b keeps us on Ga. 18 south to Harris City, then southwest through Pine Mountain to #19 southwest on I-185 at interchange 34, then #20 is east on Ga. 116 at interchange 25, then rule b keeps us on 116 to Shiloh to go north on Alt 27, then northwest on Ga. 100 at Greenville, then rule b keeps us on 100 through Ephesus and Tallapoosa to Polk Co. to end #20.


b) 2

#22 is south on secondary 27, then right onto wide red principal highway, then northeast onto wide red principal highway at orange multilane, then immediately we see town Sequatchie and river Sequatchie as rule c sends us west to stay upon wide red principal highway, then #23 is northwest on Tenn. 56 at Tracy City.


d) Wales

#25 is left on secondary 50, then southwest on regular Tenn. 50, then rule b keeps us on Tenn. 50 northwest with U.S. 431 at Fayetteville, then left onto 244, then west onto U.S. 64, then north on U.S. 31 (3+1 = 4) to see town Wales first.


d) 3

After #29, on Ky. 70 we see town Jetson, then cross Bear, then from the state map we see Lindseyville ahead before B.R. 3/b takes us to the Mammoth Cave map, where immediately we see Windyville [which we had not seen on the state map: B.R. 3/c], then as we leave the Park we travel upon Ky. 255 as it jogs with Ky. 70’s road for 2 miles or so.


c) no; see Eastern Blvd. but not Eastern Pkwy.

On the Frankfort map, #32 is south on U.S. 60 at Versailles Rd., then west at interchange, then #33 is south on U.S. 127 after the Ky. 676 symbol, then west at interchange 53 onto I-64, upon which we enter the Louisville map to end #33 north on I-65 in downtown Louisville, then we cross the river and see Eastern Blvd. in Indiana at interchange 2.


c) 5

We stay on the Louisville map to its edge, where B.R. 3/b takes us to the Indiana map on p. 37, where we’re on U.S. 31 [northbound 31 connects Sellersburg and Speed with its continuous red principal highway at interchange between them] and rule b keeps us on U.S. 31 northbound through unincorporated Speed, Henryville, Underwood, Vienna, and Uniontown.


b) 4, 9, or 14

After ending #36 at Salem west on Ind. 56 (8x7 = 56), rule b keeps us on Ind. 56 to #37 south on the near side of Livonia toward incorporated Hardinsburg, where #37 ends northwest at Hardinsburg, then for #38 we count six towns Chambersburg, Paoli, Abydel, Prospect, Shoals, and Loogootee, which with rule d we go through ahead onto gray other road (our red principal highway goes in more than one direction at Loogootee, so [B.R. 1] rule c doesn’t direct travel here at all [mentioned by the first note on p. 4]), then our gray road out of Loogootee heads northward to #38 east after Raglesville, then #39 is north onto U.S. 231 toward nearest interchange 87, where #40 is left on I-69, then, after that turn, we begin to consider Q34 [B.R. 2/a] and go through (enter, then leave) interchanges 76 and 62, whose numbers’ difference is 76-62 = 14.


d) Patoka

#41 is west on Indiana 64 at interchange 33, then south on Indiana 65, then immediately we see river named Patoka behind us.


a) Georgia

#43 is east onto gray other road before Salem (when we see scenic route dots ahead), then #44 is left on Ind. 60 (20x3 = 60), then rule b keeps us on 60 through Georgia.

Leg 4 Answer * Beanblossom, Indiana, to Cherry, Minnesota *


b) no

#1 at Beanblossom did not place us ‘on’ Ind. 45 using the magic word ‘on’, so rule b is not in effect when we reach Bloomington upon 45; rather, rule d sends us straight ahead onto 10th St., upon which we reach Walnut St., whose arrowhead (Glossary Road def.) indicates only northbound travel, so we continue to College Av., whose arrowhead indicates only southbound travel, so rule c sends us southbound automatically until, after 1st St., College Av. bends over to Walnut, where we can and do go left (north) on Walnut for #2, then left (west) on 3rd St., then rule d is ahead onto W. 3rd St., then north on Ind. 45 at interchange 118, then (B.R. 2/a) we’re too far away from Indiana University to see it.


a) yes

#3 is north on Ind. 37 at interchange 120 (ending our consideration of Q37), then, notwithstanding the town Five Points in Morgan Co., B.R. 3/a takes us to the Indianapolis map, where at interchange 4 rule b sends us east to stay on Ind. 37, then we cross I-65 at interchange 53/106, then near Troy Av. we see a different town Five Points (F-20).


b) go through Castleton

Rule b keeps us on Ind. 37 northeast at interchange 37, then #4 is west at interchange 201 through Castleton.


d) 3

#6 is northeast on I-69 (which extends all the way to I-465: there is no junction between the 37 and 69 symbols at which I-69 would end [Named Highway def.]), then #7 is south on Ind. 9 (identified down past Fountaintown) at interchange 222, then rule b keeps us on Ind. 9 to end #7 east on I-70, then we see J.W. Riley Old Home & Mus. nearby, then #8 is north at interchange 123 onto Ind. 3 past Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, then on the Muncie map (we’re not ‘on’ Ind. 3) rule c sends us northeast to stay upon orange road at interchange, then also southeast at the next interchange through shield of southeastbound U.S. 35, then back on the state map we go west on Ind. 38 after Webster, then north at Hagerstown on Ind. 1, which with rule b takes us through town Farmland = farmland (B.R. 3/f) before ending #8 west on Ind. 26 toward Trenton (there’s no Trenton to the east on this map).


a) yes; Wheeling

After #9, rule b keeps us on Ind. 22 past U.S. 31 & U.S. 35 [not state hwys.] and Ind. 37 [in Grant Co.] to the end of 22 after I-69, then rules d & c send us southward, then westward upon Ind. 26 again through Phlox and Hemlock to #10 north on Ind. 39 at Rossville, then #11 is east after Radnor on Ind. 18, which rule b keeps us on as we see Wheeling.


d) see Paw Paws

After #12 north on Ind. 13, #13 is north through Middlebury, then in Michigan we’re upon but not ‘on’ U.S. 131, so at Mich. 60 rule c sends us west to stay upon our red principal highway, then after Three Oaks #14 is northeast on I-94, from which we then first see river Paw Paw and town Paw Paw, hence plural Paw Paws.


b) 1

#15 is west on the Kalamazoo map onto BR 94 at odd interchange 81, then, after #16 right on Mich. 43, back on the state map we see Prairieville before #17.


a) Howard City

#19 is west from Mich. 66 onto Mich. 44, then north after Belding to #20 west onto Mich. 46, then after Amble rule d sends us down U.S. 131 past road to Howard City (the red other through highway goes two ways, not in a sole, unique direction [B.R. 1]) to end #20 west at interchange 104, then #21 is north after Casnovia, then east onto Mich. 82 to rule d through Howard City to head up to Morley for #22.


d) Wexford

From U.S. 131, #23 is east on Mich. 66 (identified both south and up near East Jordan) before Kalkaska, then rule b keeps us on Mich. 66 south to #24 west on U.S. 12 (1+2 = 3) in St. Joseph Co., then #25 after White Pigeon is north on U.S. 131, which rule b keeps us on northbound to Osceola Co., at whose town Tustin we see Wexford Co. ahead first before ending #25 at interchange 176.


b) 2

#26 ends not on U.S. 127 (which, although it’s upon a limited-access highway, is a U.S. highway, not an Interstate highway) but north on I-75 at its interchange 190 near Standish, then on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on p. 50 we see town Dafter, then we skirt Ontario’s Sault Ste. Marie to head up Hwy. 17 still on the Mich. map past Montreal I. until at the map edge B.R. 3/b sends us to that point past the town Montreal River at M-18 on the upper Ontario map on p. 123 (we’re well past the northern edge of the p. 122 main Ontario section, so B.R. 3/b doesn’t send us to p. 122 at all), so arriving on p. 123 we’re too far north to see Searchmont behind us, but then after #27’s left at Nipigon we see town Pass Lake.


b) Bong Br.

#27 does not place us ‘on’ Ont. 11 (we ‘pick up’ 11 without the magic word ‘on’), so on the Thunder Bay map rules c & d send us down off the map upon Ont. 61, so we arrive in Minn. upon Minn. 61, where when we see county seat Grand Marais we go to p. 54, then we go to the main Minnesota  map when we see Little Marais, then #28 is northwest onto Minn. 1 toward Finland, then we go through 2 Minn. 1 symbols [#1 & #2], 1 Minn. 1/169 symbol [#3], 1 Minn. 169 symbol [#4], then rule d sends us down U.S. 53 through 1 U.S. 53 symbol [#1] and 1 Minn. 37 symbol [#5], then rule d is southeast through Twig to the Duluth map and through 1 U.S. 53 symbol [#2] (but not through the adjacent Minn. 194 symbol: it’s off to the side and we don’t go through it), then, at the U.S. 53 junction near Miller Hill Hall, so far we’ve gone through an even number [2] of U.S. highway symbols but only an odd number [5] of state highway symbols, so rule d sends us ahead through a final Minn. 194 symbol [#6: now an even number], then rule d sends us onto southwestbound I-35 at interchange 256A, then #29 ends not south on U.S. 53 (which goes east at interchange 255) but south on U.S. 2 at interchange 253A toward Superior across Bong Br.


b) 1

#31 is left at Belknap St., where we see nearby points of interest Accordians Mus., Gov’t Ctr., and yellow area Port of Duluth-Superior (atlas legend: it’s as much a point of interest as those depicted by little red squares).

Leg 5 Answer * Cherry, Minnesota, to Tomato, Arkansas  *


d) 3

As #2 says, highways 5, 27, and 7 are county highways; #2 ends south on St. Louis County 7 as we see river (and county) St. Louis, then immediately we see Zim, then St. Louis County 7 ends (the highway 7 symbol to the south near Sawyer is for Carlton County 7, in a different jurisdiction [Named Highway def.]), so rule d sends us east after Alborn to rule d southeast onto U.S. 53 through Twig to the Duluth map for rule d southwest onto I-35 to see St. Louis (body of water) at interchange 252 for #3 west on U.S. 2 [top-priority rule a], then rule b keeps us on U.S. 2 back to the state map to end #3 not on Minn. 65 [whose digit 6 is not singular] but after Blackberry and Cohasset south on Minn. 6.


b) Mille Lacs Band

#4’s final *west* cancels our rule-b obligation of staying on Minn. 200 [rule a always has top priority], so then we use rule c to go up Minn. 371 to Cass Lake, then east through Ball Club to end #4 south on U.S. 169, then we see Mille Lacs Band when southbound on U.S. 169.


b) 1

On p. 53 we go through one I-94 shield before Minn. 610, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 52 east at interchange 27 through a second I-94 shield, then south at interchange 35 BC through a third I-94 shield, but #7 is not on Olson Memorial Hwy. [no interchange there: B.R. 3/d] nor near E. Franklin Av. [no interchange, and we see shield for U.S. 52], but northwest on Minn. 55 in Inver Grove Heights, then we see Ft. Snelling Mil. Res. on the way to #8 south on U.S. 169 in Golden Valley.  (The Minneapolis map shows no evidence of Great River Road [B.R. 3/c].)


b) 1

We cross Little Sioux [identified down in Woodbury Co. as well as to the northwest] a few miles after Dickens, so, after rule b keeps us on U.S. 18 north toward Spencer, #11 is west at Spencer, then #12 is north through Everly, then east onto U.S. 18, then left at U.S. 71 [and 18], then rules c & d near Spirit Lake send us west upon Ia. 9 to south on U.S. 59 through Allendorf, then southeast on Ia. 3 as we go through county named Cherokee, then south on Ia. 4 at Pocahontas.


a) Ankeny

#13 ends by using top-priority rule a to go east [coincidentally ahead] at interchange near Woodward as we see river Des Moines, then #14 is northeast onto Ia. 415 through Polk City, then top-priority rule a sends us ahead east at junction of orange multilanes as we see Ankeny nearby first, then at the next junction rule a is north on U.S. 69 toward Story County.


b) 1

#15 says to have gone through plural U.S. highway shields, so we go through one U.S. 20 shield in Webster Co. then a second in Ida Co., then #15’s action is south ‘onto’, not ‘on’, U.S. 59 [next-to-last digit is 5], then we see Donna Reed Iowa Heritage Mus. as rule c sends us west onto Ia. 141 to stay upon principal highway, then #16 is north on I-29 at interchange 127, then right onto BR 75 on the Sioux City map (seeing Lewis & Clark Park, not Mon. [which is near Council Bluffs on p. 63]), then east not onto U.S. 20 [no interchange: B.R. 3/d] but onto BR 20.


b) 2

When we leave Rolly at county boundary, the next Action is to go east at town, which we cannot do at Manning, because Manning has no junction, required for an Action (Glossary def.), so that east at town is at Coon Rapids (with top-priority rule a, still on Ia. 141) or at Bayard (same effect), then #18 ends south on Ia. 25, then #19 is east on Ia. 44 at Guthrie Center toward and through Panora.


b) 6

#22 is ‘at’ U.S. 61, not ‘on’ it, so rule b is not activated for U.S. 61, then when we leave the Cape Girardeau city map we find that we’re in county of Cape Girardeau, so we can’t finish #22 yet but have to wait as rules c & d send us ahead through Jackson and Millersville until finally once we’re out of Cape Girardeau County #22 ends with top-priority rule a west at Mo. 72 in Bollinger Co., then we begin to consider Q56 and #23 is south on U.S. 67 and we see Fredericktown, Greenville, Poplar Bluff, Corning, Pocahontas, and Walnut Ridge before ending #23.

Leg 6 Answer * Tomato, Arkansas, to Corn, Oklahoma  *


c) 3

At Burdette we can see neither Blytheville nor Osceola, so we continue northward to see Blytheville ahead and go east on Ark. 148 back toward Tomato, then north, then west through Blytheville [see its Mississippi Co.], Black Oak, and Lake City [see its Craighead Co.] to #3 north in Jonesboro, then at Johnson Av. we see river named Lost nearby, so we continue ahead onto Ark. 141 back to the state map, where we see Jonesboro’s county seat symbol behind us, but Jonesboro is a second county seat of the same Craighead Co. (true), which we’ve already counted for Q57, then #3 is east onto U.S. 412 to Paragould [see its Greene Co.].


b) 5or 6

Mo. 142 does not end at Thayer (regardless of the S.P.); we continue on 142 through its last symbol [north of Sturkie, Ark.], then we stop when we see 142’s end at state boundary with Ark. 87, then continue, then with rule a go south across state boundary onto Ark. 87 in Fulton Co. [#1], then go west on U.S. 412 through Baxter and Marion Co.s [#2 & #3], then southeast on U.S. 65 in Boone Co. [#4] and through (corner of) Newton Co. [#5] (no Q58 penalty if miss this: total 5 instead of 6) to Searcy Co. [#6], before stopping at wayside after Marshall.


c) Thornburg

After crossing Arkansas River, #9 ends west on page 10 (S.I. A) at Oppelo onto Ark. 154, then #10 is south on Ark. 7 at Centerville, then east on Ark. 10 to #11 south on Ark. 9 with rule a at Perry, then after Thornburg #12 ends east on Ark. 10.


a) Hazen

After #14 northeast on I-30, at interchange 132 (33x4 = 132) S.I. B sends us northeast on U.S. 70, then at Asher Av. rule a ends #14 east still on U.S. 70, then before Rose City #15 sends us onto U.S. 165 (33x5 = 165), then southwest onto I-440, then S.I. B again is northeast on U.S. 70 at interchange 132, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 70 back to the state map for #16 south on U.S. 63 after Hazen.


d) 3

#17 can’t end at interchange 46 (second digit 6 is not less than 5), so rule b keeps us on U.S. 65 southwest to #17 southeast on Ark. 530 at interchange 44, then we see nearby Bartholomew Bayou, then back on the state map from Ark. 530 we see both Bayou Bartholomew and Arkansas 54.


b) yes, but do not see hospital

#21 ends not at interchange 32 (that’s I-49, not I-369), but across Texarkana, south at New Boston Rd. interchange, then rules c & d loop us counter-clockwise up I-49 back to the Ark. state map for #22 at limited-access end north on U.S. 59 through Ogden, then west, then north onto Ark. 41, then west at Foreman, then before (and after) leaving the Ark. map we see river to the north named Little, hence little.


a) 0

#24 is east on page 83 (S.I. A) before Heavener onto gray other road, which becomes Ark. 28, then back on the Ark. state map north on U.S. 71 after Hon, then west on page 10 (S.I. A again) at Mansfield, then #25 is north onto Ark. 45 through Midland, staying too far from Greenwood to see it.


b) Interstate 35

#28 places us ‘on’ Okla. 11, so rule b keeps us on 11 west through Pawhuska, then north to Shidler, then west through Kaw City to #29 south on U.S. 77, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 77 west through Ponca City then down through Tonkawa to parallel I-35 (77 and 177 switch places between Tonkawa and Ponca City).

Leg 7 Answer * Corn, Oklahoma, to Strawberry, Arizona  *


b) Loved

#3 starts west at Rocky [after Lledroc = Cordell]; later, #4 is south onto Okla. 30 [after Deer = Reed]; later, after rule d onto U.S. 70 after Loveland, #6 is north onto Okla. 36 at Grandfield, then east at (not ‘on’) Okla. 5, then on p. 83 Okla. 5’s narrow red road ends at U.S. 277/281 as rule d sends us ahead onto wide red road through interchange, then quickly rule c sends us north with U.S. 277/281 to stay upon wide red road, then we see Geronimo as #7 is south on I-44 at interchange 30, then just before leaving Oklahoma on I-44 we see town Devol = Loved first.


a) Aflafla

#12 is east onto Texas 15, then south onto Okla. 15 toward Shattuck, then #13 is northeast on Okla. 51 = 15 at Shattuck, then 15 takes us to end #13 north on Okla. 8 toward Cleo Springs and through county named Alfalfa = Aflafla first for Q66.


b) 1

#15 ends north onto Okla. 6 at Granite [Okla. 6 travels upon a short stretch of narrow red other through highway at Granite before resuming travel upon orange multilane], then at N. Fk. Red we cross into Kiowa Co. [county boundary coincides with the river], so #16 immediately is east onto gray road before the printed number 14, then north on Okla. 44, then #17 is west onto Okla. 55 at Sentinel, then #17 ends at the next junction, where we stop, then continue and begin to consider Q67, for which we see Retrop = Porter ahead before we reach Retrop, where we drop off Oakie and Lulu (after which Oakie’s reversals no longer are in effect: S.I. A), then #18 continues north on Okla. 6, then rule b keeps us on Okla. 6 west toward Sweetwater, where #18 is north onto Okla. 30, at whose end rule d sends us ahead through Durham, then after Crawford rule d sends us southeast onto Okla. 33 to end #18 north on U.S. 283 near Roll.


d) Kress

#21 is south on Texas 207, then we see wayside at Prairie Dog Town Fk. Red and town Wayside as well and we enter Briscoe Co., so #22 is west toward Vigo Park, where we have our first opp. for #23, then we go left at our second opp., the gray road that goes south through the green square with the white 77 in it, then rule d is onto U.S. 87 through Tulia and Kress.


c) 2

When we’ve gone south upon Texas 70 from Turkey in #27, we enter Motley Co. and we’re already *at* 70 [Texas 70] as we drive along, so #27’s east is as soon as we can, which is onto highway 94, then east at Northfield, then #28 is right onto 1440 through Cee Vee, then south onto U.S. 62/83, then #29 is southeast on U.S. 82 just past Guthrie, then southeast onto Texas 222, then #30 is southwest onto U.S. 277 at Munday, then #31 is not northwest at interchange near Stamford (northbound Texas 6 travels through this interchange northwest for 7 miles to the junction where it turns up toward Rule, so Texas 283 ends at that 6/283 junction, where 283’s road becomes the pathway of Texas 6 [Named Highway def.]), so we continue upon 277 past Stamford and through Anson to the Abilene map, which we exit due south [we’re not ‘on’ 277], where we’re upon U.S. 84 through Goldsboro to rule a #31 right at U.S. 283 toward Coleman, then rule c keeps us upon orange road through Bangs and Blanket to rule d ahead at Comanche to end #31 right on Texas 6 at Dublin, then #32 is south on U.S. 281 at Hico, then #33 is northwest on U.S. 183 in Lampasas Co., then we go through Zephyr and May on the way to #34 at Breckenridge.


c) 3

#35 sends us through Patricia onto Texas 349, then rule d is ahead off 349 just before the Midland map [on which due north is not directly toward the top of the map, but no instructions are affected by this several-degree deviation], which we reach upon BR 349C, then #36 is west past Midland Airpark, then not right on Texas 191 at Andrews Hwy. (westbound Texas 158 goes west at that interchange, then northwest at the next interchange, where therefore the Named Highway def. says that eastbound Texas 191 ends [its road’s becoming the pathway of eastbound Texas 158 there]), so rule d sends us down 158 to rule d southwest onto I-20 at interchange 131, then we head west upon I-20 and then I-10 through El Paso and Las Cruces, N.M., to Arizona to end #36 on p. 9 northeast on U.S. 191 at interchange 352, then #37 is right to rule d ahead at interchange 355 back onto eastbound I-10 through Las Cruces and El Paso again and onto I-20 back to the Midland map to end #37 north on Texas 349 at interchange 126 [349 does extend to interchange 126: its road does not become the pathway of 1788 at a junction; 349’s road already is the pathway of 1788 – as well as of 349], then we see Midland Int’l Airport and Vietnam Veterans Mem., then #38 is southwest on Texas 191 near Wagner Noël Perf. Arts Ctr., then we must go through plural highway number symbols [both are for Texas 191], then we reach rule c acute left onto highway 450 at Kermit Hwy. to see hospitals ahead just before with rule a we end #38 south on U.S. 385 near Globe Theatre.


a) 1

After #42, we take 375 across the top of the El Paso map, then rule c sends us south to stay upon orange road at the interchange before interchange 6, then #43 is left on U.S. 85 at interchange 12, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 85 to rule c ahead onto Paisano Dr. to end #43 southeast on Texas 20 at Alameda Av. after Coliseum, then back on the Texas map #44 is north on Texas 54 at Van Horn, then we go through 1 Texas 54 symbol before going to the N.M. map, where we go ahead with U.S. 62/180, then U.S. 285, to #45 near Vaughn.


c) 2

After Alpine, #48 is west onto unpaved road to cross Black, then rule c keeps us upon unpaved road right near Big Lake campsite, then rule d sends us through Alpine upon U.S. 180 back to the N.M. map on p. 68, where #49 ends west after N.M. 12 onto unpaved road across Blue, then #50 with rule a is southwest on U.S. 191, whose road squiggles southward to actually go off the p. 68 map, so B.R. 3/b takes us back to the Ariz. map on p. 8, where shortly we see Mitchell Pk. before ending #50 with rule a toward Solomon.

Leg 8 Answer * Strawberry, Arizona, to the Golden Gate Bridge  *


b) yes; 3 such interchanges

#2 ends on the Flagstaff map, where we see interchanges 195 and 191, then on the Ariz. state map we see interchange 139 [71 is not 3-digit], then we end consideration of Q73 with #3 [rule a; top priority] north on U.S. 95 at interchange 144 in California, which we see as well as having seen state Arizona and river Colorado.


d) 3

After #3, B.R. 3/a takes us to the Grand Canyon National Park map on p. 7, where past the sole U.S. 95 shield there’s no further U.S. 95 identification, so rule c sends us ahead through interchange 14 to #4 left at unnumbered interchange, then we stop at interchange 17 for carrot juice (then we see U.S. highway business route BR 93 nearby), then we do NOT yet go to the Las Vegas city map (we’re upon a National Park map, not upon a state map as specified by B.R. 3/a); rather, we continue on p. 7 to its map’s edge (below Henderson), where B.R. 3/b takes us briefly to the Nevada state map, then immediately B.R. 3/a takes us from the state map to the Las Vegas city map (still below Henderson) between interchanges 19 and even-numbered 20, at which we stop for apple juice, then, after #5’s west on Sunset Rd., rule b keeps us on Sunset Rd. west with Nev. 562 past the airport, then up Hualapai Way to east toward even-numbered interchange 20 on Tropicana Av., from which we see T-Mobile Arena before going to the Las Vegas Strip map.


c) 13

Heading north upon Deckow Ln., this is one of several possible variations with the same result: go west [toot 1], then north [toot 2], then east [toot 3], then south at second junction [toot 4], then north [toot 5], then west at second junction [toot 6], then north onto Koval Ln. [toot 7], then west onto Harmon Av. [toot 8], then south onto Audrie St. [toot 9], then southwest onto monorail [toot 10], then north onto Audrie St. [toot 11], then northwest just before Flamingo Rd. onto monorail [toot 12], then a final toot [toot 13] with #7’s turn on Flamingo Rd.


a) 0

After #8 we see Twain Av. but not Mark, then we cross monorail [itself a road: S.I. A], so #9 is east onto Elm Dr., then immediately south onto monorail [a road], then we stay upon monorail to end #9 at Flamingo Rd. near Bally’s.


c) 3

From I-215’s interchange 11 we go east through interchanges 3B and 3A, then northwest onto U.S. 95 through interchanges 64A and 64B, seeing Whitney, then (avoiding interchanges 69 [last digit 9] and 75 [within sight of C.H.]) west onto Nev. 593, seeing Paradise, then north onto I-15, then (avoiding interchange 39 ahead) west onto Nev. 592, seeing Spring Valley, then north onto Nev. 595, then north onto U.S. 95 at interchange 81 and through interchange 90A, then east onto 215 to interchange 40 (alternatively, southeast at interchange 90A onto 599, then east onto either 573 or 574, then north onto 5th St., then west onto 215 to interchange 40: no effect on Q75; also, I-15 has an interchange 40 too, but it’s blocked by interchanges 39 and 41 [within sight of C.H.]).


a) 1

When on U.S. 50 in #15, B.R. 3/a takes us to the Lake Tahoe Region map on p. 16 (B.R. 3: considered a city map), then rule b keeps us on U.S. 50 through interchange 3, but there’s no evidence at the next interchange on the Lake Tahoe map (B.R. 3/c) that U.S. 50 leaves our blue limited-access highway, so we continue up past Washoe City off the Lake Tahoe map to the Nevada state map (B.R. 3/b), where #15 ends right on Nev. 341, then #16 is southwest onto orange road at Steamboat and back to the Lake Tahoe map on p. 16 through Washoe City, then southeast at interchange 8 through Carson City [which does not count as a town: Glossary TOWN def. does not include state capitals].


c) 2

#18’s stop is immediately in Shasta County as soon as we’ve turned on Calif. 299, then we continue and go through county seat Redding to #19 left on Calif. 3, then ahead onto Calif. 36 to stop at the actual river Mad River (cf. Nanticoke River, Satilla River, etc., earlier), then we continue and go southeast toward Ruth, then west at Ruth, then north after Zenia, then we see Pacific Ocean as we approach U.S. 101 near Arcata.


c) 2

We go through interchange 494 on the Santa Rosa map on p. 16, so #20 ends east on Calif. 12 also on the Santa Rosa map, then along Calif. 12 on the state map we see both Jack London S.H.P. and unincorporated town (e.g., Kenwood) at the same time, then northbound on Calif. 29 we see both Robert Louis Stevenson S.P. and county named Lake at the same time.


a) 0

In #24, we see Cabrillo Hwy. at NH-12 and then we cross Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct at coördinates NK-14, but we can’t count that crossing, because #24 tells us first to have seen Junipero Serra Frwy. at the specified coördinates NL-16 (about 8 miles later), so we must wait until NL-16, then we can start looking to cross Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct, which we do by continuing on I-280 to San Jose, where rule d sends us ahead onto I-680 and up to cross Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct in Fremont, then we cannot end #24 at interchange 21A, because Alameda River is behind us there, so we keep going with rules c and d onto Calif. 24 to rule d southeast onto I-880 at the interchange next to interchange 42B, then finally we’re at Calif. 84 again at interchange 21, where #24 is northeast onto Decoto Rd. toward Alameda River, then rules c and d send us up Mission Blvd., E. 14th St., and Calif. 185 to rule c southwest at High St., then #25 is southeast on I-880 at interchange 38, then #26 is southwest on Calif. 92 at interchange 26A-B.


d) 4

After #29 onto O’Farrell, we can’t go north onto Taylor (because Taylor is one-way south; its south-pointing arrow is up at Fisherman’s Wharf); rather, we continue upon O’Farrell to rule d northeast onto Market, then rule c onto Steuart, then northeast at Folsom, then rule d onto The Embarcadero, then rule c onto Bay St. to end #29 finally south onto Taylor across Lombard St. to #30 east onto Bush St., then we stop at Sansome St. to dicker with Mr. Sutter, but our age is not over 35 = 3x3x3x3x3 = 243, so we do not make the deal for the pyrite medallion; then we go north upon Sansome, then our opps. are Pine [#1], railroad (S.I. A) [#2], California [#3], Sacramento [#4], not Clay (one-way east) but at the next junction (in line with Washington) [#5], not Jackson (one-way east) but Pacific [#6], upon which we go west through Chinatown [the whole yellow point of interest, from near Broadway St. down to Bush St.], then north onto Powell, then west at (not ‘on’) Lombard St., then rules c and d take us past Palace of Fine Arts (B-5), where we still have the nugget of gold in our pocket from Liam at Mad River, and Tourist Information Center [#1] in Golden Gate National Recreation Area to the edge of the map (where we’re on Golden Gate Bridge but cannot tell that we’re at Golden Gate: B.R. 3/c), so (just as early in Leg 1 we went from the New York City map to the New Jersey state map then immediately to the New Brunswick city map, and similarly in this leg we went from the Grand Canyon map to the Nevada state map to the Las Vegas city map [affecting no question in those instances]) B.R. 3/b takes us to the state map on p. 12 (B.R. 3 cannot take us directly from the Central city map to the Bay Area map [also a city map]), where we see another Tourist Information Center [#2] and are at Golden Gate but cannot tell that we’re on Golden Gate Bridge: B.R. 3/c; then B.R. 3/a immediately takes us from the state map to the Bay Area map (which is a city map: B.R. 3) on p. 13, where now we can tell that we’re on Golden Gate Bridge at Golden Gate and we hear the tugboat’s toots, completing #30 and the 58th St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.