These are the Official Answers
for the 2022 Independence Day Fireworks.

We posted them here on August 10.

In addition, earlier in the week we mailed the answers to all competitors.

The answers and explanations below are identical to those sent in the mail, which also include
the procedure for filing a protest (i.e., an objection, which will be due by August 19) regarding any answer.

Following scoring, we'll post here any protest results and we'll print and mail everybody a complete set of results.

August 20 update:

No question was affected by protests on this summer's competition.

Final results will be mailed as soon as we have them from the printer, in a few days.

Q Answer Leg 1


a) Campeche

#2’s national capital, at coördinates H-13, is Belize’s Belmopan, to whose landing field we walk in #2. [Tegucigalpa and Guatemala are at I-14 and I-12, respectively.] Flying from Belmopan’s landing field to Durango, we first fly over Campeche, southwest of Escárcega.


b) 2

We go through one 45 shield after Rodeo, then course-following rule b keeps us on 45 east at Hidalgo del Parral, then north at Jiménez through a second 45 shield.


c) 2

#7 placed us on Mexican highway 16, which ends at the national boundary, where rule c sends us ahead through Presidio and Shafter to Marfa, where (since we have not been placed on U.S. 67) rule d sends us ahead to Fort Davis for #8 southeast on Texas 118, then immediately we see nearby Fort Davis Nat’l Hist. Pk., then Texas 118 takes us through Alpine (a county seat, so we cannot use #9 there) to Big Bend National Park, where our road loops back up to #9 at Marathon.


b) 1

Immediately #10 is north on U.S. 385, then we see county seat Fort Stockton as we approach it for #11 east.


a) yes

Highway 1053 reaches an unnumbered interchange (not interchange 261), and U.S. 385 is not a state highway, and interchange 294 is not odd, so #12 is north on Texas 349 at odd interchange 325, then #13 is west on Texas 329 at Rankin, then we go through both county seat Crane and county Crane, hence plural Cranes, on the way to #14 at Grandfalls.

Q Answer Leg 2


a) Globe Theatre

Leg 1’s #15 places us on Texas 302, then stopping and continuing at Notrees does not entail an Action (left, right, etc.), so rule b remains in effect for Texas 302 as we continue (even though on the state map we must consider that Texas 302 ends at Notrees: Numbered Highway def.), so, once we’ve arrived on the Odessa map and find that we are upon Texas 302, with rule b still active, rule b tells us to stay on 302 to #2 east on I-20 at interchange 113, then north on 1882 at interchange 115, then we see Globe Theatre.


b) 3

After #3, we go through one U.S. 385 shield before leaving the Odessa map, then another shortly after arriving back on p. 99, then a third after Seminole on p. 98, then, since #3 said *at* U.S. 385, not *on* U.S. 385, rule b is not in effect for U.S. 385 and, instead, at Brownfield rule c keeps us upon orange multilane through Meadow to #4 on the Lubbock map.


a) Black

#5 is north at Ralls on Texas 207 (207 is continuous per the Named Highway def., identified both south near Owens and north near South Plains), then #6 is not west on U.S. 70 at Floydada (U.S. 70 does not go west within 45° [Action def.]) but (after rule b’s keeping us on 207) west on U.S. 60 at Panhandle, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 60 through Amarillo and town Black in Parmer Co.


c) 3

After #11 at Dickens, we go through Benjamin but on p. 98 (before B.R. 3/b sends us to p. 100 several miles after Benjamin), then on p. 100 we go through Loving, then at Bridgeport rule b keeps us on Texas 114 southeast through Paradise to #12 north at U.S. 81 after Boyd, then rule b is not in effect for U.S. 81, so rule c near Bowie keeps us upon blue road northwest through Bellevue on the way to end #12 [and cease considering Q9] near Henrietta.


This answer depends on your horseshoe play before interchange 37; your answer should be:



b) 1

if you threw a ringer and therefore went left at interchange 37; in this case, #16 is southwest on Texas 121, then #17 is south onto Custer Rd., then immediately you see nearby toll booth, then after Legacy Dr. #18 is east onto W. 15th St.;


or c) 2

if you missed a ringer and therefore went right at interchange 37; in this case, #16 is north on Texas 5, then #17 is southwest onto McDonald St. and ahead onto Texas 121, seeing toll booth near Custer Rd., then after Legacy Dr. you see another toll booth near Main St. before #18 east onto Hebron Pkwy. (ending your consideration of Q10: B.R. 2/a).

Q Answer Leg 3


This answer depends on your quoit play before Caddo; your answer should be:



b) 1

if you threw a ringer and therefore went left on Oklahoma 22 at Caddo; in this case, #3 is east on Okla. 78 toward Milburn and through Nida to see Cobb on the way to #4 north at Okla. 48 [and Okla. 78]:


or c) 2

if you missed a ringer and therefore went right on Oklahoma 22 at Caddo; in this case, #3 is west on U.S. 70 at Bokchito, then you see Blue on the way to #4 north at Okla. 78 [identified both southeast near Yuba and northwest near Milburn], then you see Cobb as well on the way to end #4 at Coleman.


d) McAlester

After #4, rule d sends us northeast onto U.S. 69 through Tushka and then Stringtown (rule b is not in effect for either 69 or 75, so rule d sends us straight upon 69 through Atoka), then #5 is west on Okla. 31 [identified both west near Haywood and northeast near Crowder], then immediately we see McAlester.


b) 1

#8 is east on U.S. 62 at interchange 231 (U.S. 62 is identified both west near Prague and northeast near Eram; U.S. 62 connects through interchange 231 – and rule a for #8 overrides rule b [which would have kept us on U.S. 75 anyway]), then rule b keeps us on U.S. 62 north at interchange 240 through Schulter and east through Morris to #9 north at Okla. 72 (rule a overriding rule b again) through Boynton to end #9 toward Bald Hill.


b) 1

#11 is east not at Okla. 364 (not an Interstate, even though its road is limited-access) but at I-44, then #12 is west on U.S. 412 toward interchanges 15 and 14.


a) 0

99’s second symbol is north of Pawhuska, so #14’s first opportunity is at U.S. 166, where rule d sends us ahead onto BR 166 to Sedan, where rule c keeps us upon broad red principal highway southwest back to U.S. 166 [Kansas 99 to the north is irrelevant: #13 placed us on Okla. 99, which ended at the state boundary] for #14 west on U.S. 166, then #15 is south at Kansas 15, then rules c and d take us through Grainola to #16 east on U.S. 60 near Burbank, whereupon we cease considering Q15 [we see Tom Mix Mus. too late for Q15].

Q Answer Leg 4


a) Eureka

Although we still are ‘on’ U.S. 75 when leaving Independence northbound, we have no information on the p. 83 map that U.S. 75 continues to the Kansas map (B.R. 3/c), so we must consider U.S. 75 to end at U.S. 400; instead, we use rule d to go ahead onto U.S. 400, then ahead onto red road at the next interchange; then B.R. 3/b takes us to the Kansas map, where we discover that we’re upon U.S. 400, not U.S. 75, so we continue upon U.S. 400’s road past a stake near Fredonia and west through Severy to end #2 north on U.S. 54 after Leon, then eastbound on U.S. 54 we see Eureka first.


This answer depends on your horseshoe/quoit play before Altoona [the stake on U.S. 400 east of Fredonia is never used]; your answer should be:



b) Altoona

if you tossed a horseshoe and missed and therefore went west on Kansas 47 at Altoona; in this case, #6 is east at U.S. 400 after New Albany, then [we’re not ‘on’ 400] rule c keeps us upon red principal highway east at interchange toward Neodesha and up U.S. 75’s road to #7 east on U.S. 50 at interchange 155, then south at interchange 183 down U.S. 59, then, since we’re not ‘on’ 59, rule d sends us ahead onto U.S. 169 through Welda and past Iola [rule c does not send us west at Iola: a bit of orange other multilane goes west out of Iola] to #8 west on U.S. 160 after Morehead, then north on U.S. 75 to see Altoona first;


or a) Altamont

if you tossed a quoit and missed and therefore went east on Kansas 47 at Altoona; in this case, #6 is south on U.S. 169, then #7 is east on U.S. 400, then south at U.S. 59 through Parsons to see Altamont first.


c) 3

Westbound U.S. 54 goes south before El Dorado, so rule b takes us that way, then west past Augusta to the Wichita map, where 54 does not have an interchange with I-35, so we continue westward to #9 south at interchange after Webb Rd., then rule d puts us onto southwestbound I-35 ahead through interchange 45 [no junction with Kansas 15] and through an I-35 shield down to the state map and through a second I-35 shield to #10 west on U.S. 160 at interchange 19, then north on U.S. 81, on which back on the Wichita map we go through an I-135 shield.


b) 3

#10 ends at interchange at coördinates I-10 on page 40, then we see unincorporated Cairo and Wellsford, then rule b keeps us on U.S. 54 through incorporated Bucklin to see Kingsdown, where #11 is south on Kansas 94.


c) Kansas Barbed Wire Mus.

#12 does not put us ‘on’ U.S. 56 at Great Bend, so rule d sends us due west ontgray other road, then at county boundary onto unpaved road to end #12 north through Rush Center to see Kansas Barbed Wire Mus. first.

Q Answer Leg 5


c) Solomon

Rule b sends us west with Kansas 181 after Sylvan Grove, then 181 does not head down to interchange 206 [Kansas 232, instead, is continuous through interchange 206], so rule d sends us up Kansas 232 and past Lucas to rule d west at Luray, then rule c south after Waldo to #2 east at interchange 184, then #3 is north on Kansas 232 to make the same loop through Waldo and down U.S. 281 to end #3 at interchange 184 east on U.S. 40, which rule b keeps us on to see Solomon before Abilene.


b) 1

After #4 we’re ‘on’ Kansas 31, so rule b keeps us on 31 south at Burlingame and east through Osage City to #5 north on U.S. 75 to cross Dragoon river, then on the Topeka map #6 is west on Kansas 4 at interchange 355.


a) 0

After #8 on I-470, #9 is not on Kansas 4 [4 reaches I-70 but not I-470], so rule d sends us east onto I-70 at interchange 183, then on the Lawrence map U.S. 40 has no interchange, so we continue back to the state map to #9 north on U.S. 73, then #10 is left on Kansas 192 [16 x 12 = 192], then after Winchester #11 is north on U.S. 59 (which takes us to U.S. 36 on the St. Joseph map to end #11).


This answer depends on your horseshoe/quoit play in Kansas and your Q17 answer there as well as on your horseshoe/quoit play now in Nebraska; your answer should be:



c) Nemaha or Syracuse

if you tossed a quoit in Kansas (evidenced by your correct Q17 answer of a for Altamont) and therefore tossed a horseshoe now, and therefore went west on U.S. 136 at Auburn; in this case, #14 is north on Nebr. 50 to go through Syracuse;


or b) Brock or Paul

if you tossed a horseshoe in Kansas (evidenced by your correct Q17 answer of b for Altoona) and therefore tossed a quoit now, and therefore went east on U.S. 136 at Auburn; in this case, #14 is north on Nebr. 67, which rule b keeps you on through either Brock or Paul (depending on how Nebr. 67 connects).



If your Q17 answer in Kansas was neither of the two possible correct answers [i.e., neither a nor b], here in Nebraska we will score you correct for Q24 for either b or c.


c) 4

On the Lincoln map, we must consider Nebr. 2 to end with U.S. 6 at interchange 395 (B.R. 3/c), so there rule d sends us ahead north onto N.W. 48th St. to #16 southeast on U.S. 34 at Purple Heart Hwy. to go through 2 U.S. 34 shields on the Lincoln map, then another on the state map near Elmwood, then another when northbound before ending #17 at Mynard.

Q Answer Leg 6


a) yes

The only interchange 8 on the Omaha map is in Iowa, at B-20, where we must end Pee Wee’s suggested drive. There are only two non-interchange ways of traveling between Nebraska and Iowa on the Omaha map: via U.S. 275 or via Mission Av. at Bellevue. One option: we could go through Omaha’s interchanges 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 first; then we could go through Bellevue (getting there from interchange 6 via either Redick Av. or Harrison St., then to 13th St., then down to Mission Av. and through Bellevue across Missouri river and down Allis Rd. to 195th St., then up across I-80 to Kanesville Blvd. and interchange 8); this option (having used Omaha’s interchanges 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 first) does not allow using U.S. 275 to get to I-80’s interchange 8, because in Iowa we’d be blocked at I-29, whose interchanges 1 and 3 would not be in order and whose interchange 47 is not in Pee Wee’s list. A second option could work: we could go through Omaha’s interchanges 1 and 2 only, then we could take U.S. 275 to Iowa and go through I-80’s interchanges 3, 4, and 5, but then we’d have to get back to Omaha by going westbound through Bellevue (we’ve used I-80 interchanges and we can’t use them again) in order to reach Omaha’s interchange 6 (and then double back via Bellevue again to reach interchange 8). There are a few variations, but all involve going at least once through Bellevue. [At interchange 8, we can go ahead east and leave the Omaha map to the Iowa map to end MM A north on U.S. 59, then southwest on U.S. 30 at Denison, then north on U.S. 75 after Blair; alternatively, we could go southwest at interchange 8, then north on I-29, then west on U.S. 30 at interchange 75, then north on U.S. 75 after Blair.]


b) 1

#3 is not onto Nebr. 9 (its road does not reach West Point) but onto Nebr. 15, then west on U.S. 275, then #4 is north after Neligh, then right on U.S. 20 not near Royal (not through county seat yet) but, after rule d east through Santee Sioux Nation and county seat Ponca, west on U.S. 20 at Willis.


a) 0

After #7 on the Sioux City map, I-29 leaves that map when in South Dakota, so B.R. 3/b takes us to the S.D. map, which we stay upon for #8’s first two actions and past Marcus to then go to the Iowa map.


b) Welcome

#8 ends by putting us on Iowa 4, which rule b keeps us on to Minnesota, where then we’re no longer on Iowa 4, so rule c sends us north across I-90 at Sherburn to the Minn. map, then rule d sends us east at Minn. 60, then rule c sends us north at Minn. 15 to rule d ahead onto Minn. 60 again to #9 south on U.S. 169 after Lake Crystal, then #9 ends west at interchange 119 to see Welcome first.


c) between 2000 and 3000 pounds

We start with 10 pounds at Blue Mounds S.P., then add double that – 20 pounds – at Pipestone, making 30 pounds, then #11 is west onto U.S. 14 to Brookings – add double 30: 60 pounds, making 90 pounds – at Brookings, then #11 ends east past Brookings back to #12 north at the first junction in Minn., then #13 is east not on state highway 19 but after Hendricks on county highway 19, then northwest onto Minn. 68, then in #14 we cross U.S. 75 to #14’s right at Clear Lake – add double 90: 180 pounds, making 270 pounds, then back in Minn. #14 ends north to Madison – add double 270: 540 pounds, making 810 pounds – and then Ortonville – adding double 810: 1620 pounds, making 2430 pounds.


a) yes

#15 ends on N.D. 127, which rule b can’t keep us on in S.D., where rules c and d send us west onto S.D. 106, then north with S.D. 25 back into N.D. for #16 east onto N.D. 11, from which we see I-29 shield.


c) 2

On the Fargo map, #18’s last *east* [an Action], at U.S. 75, takes us off U.S. 10 to go southeastward with BR 94 and Minn. 231 to the Minn. map and through Sabin to end #18 near Barnesville, then #19 is east on county 10 at Downer, then north on Minn. 32 near Rollag, then we go through two Minn. 32 symbols on the way to Minn. 200.

Q Answer Leg 7


a) yes

Although Leg 7 starts east of the river at Lake Itasca, just before #2 on Minn. 65 at Jacobson we cross Mississippi again.


c) 2

#3 ends southwest on Minn. state 169, which ends after Florenton, so rule d sends us down U.S. 53 past Virginia to #4 west on Minn. 37, then #5 is north through Iron Junction, then left on Minn. 37 again, then rules c and d take us through Cook to #6 southwest on Minn. 73 through Linden Grove, then #7 is west on U.S. 169 at the junction where U.S. 169 ends (Numbered Highway def.), at Minn. 73 [which connects Hibbing and Silica] through Keewatin to #7 southeast at Pengilly through Goodland to end #7 at Swan River.


b) No. Lights R.R. Mus.

#8 on the Grand Forks map is north on Minn. 220, from which we see No. Lights R.R. Mus. first.


c) Lost

At Warren we take U.S. 75 southbound without being ‘on’ it, so rule d sends us ahead through Crookston to end #10 with rule a east on U.S. 2 to #11 north on Minn. 32 in Red Lake Co., then east on Minn. 92 through Terrebonne to see Lost river first.


d) 6

We travel upon at least one section of U.S. 75 in each of the six states; the first sections of U.S. 75 for each state: Texas: in Leg 2 we turn onto U.S. 75 in Plano in #15; Oklahoma: in Leg 2 we’re upon U.S. 75 as we cross Red river into Oklahoma after #19; Kansas: in Leg 3 we turn onto U.S. 75 in #19 Nebraska: in Leg 5 we’re upon U.S. 75 when we’ve arrived on the Nebraska map from the Kansas map after #12; Iowa: in Leg 6, after Homer in #7 we go to the Sioux City map, where at interchange 1 rule b sends us east to stay on U.S. 75 across state boundary to end #7 north on I-29 at interchange 144 in Iowa. [As in the note on p. 5, when we’re on a city map we’re aware of what state we’re in, Iowa in this case.]; Minnesota: in Leg 6 we turn onto U.S. 75 with #10


This answer depends on your beanbag play after Humboldt; your answer should be:



b) Grant’s Grist Mill

if the beanbag landed safely on top of the steak and therefore you went left toward St. Vincent; in this case, #14 is north at interchange 215, then #15 is left onto Man. 75 to Winnipeg for #16 west on T-C 1 downtown to see Grant’s Grist Mill first;


or d) Royal Canadian Mint

if the beanbag did not land safely on top of the steak and therefore you went right toward Noyes; in this case, you take Man. 75 up to the Winnipeg map for #14 right onto TC-100 at Pembina Hwy., then #15 is north onto Man. 20 to #16 within sight of Royal Canadian Mint.

Q Answer Leg 8


b) no

#2 did not place us ‘on’ Sask. 2, so rule d at Chamberlain sends us up Sask. 11 instead to the Saskatoon map for #3 west onto College Dr. to #4 at Sask. 11.


d) St. Louis

#4 did not place us ‘on’ Sask. 11, so on the Sask. map rule d sends us up Sask. 12, then ahead up Sask. 312 through Waldheim to #5 northeast onto Sask. 11 at Rosthern, then #5 ends south on Sask. 2 near Prince Albert, then we see St. Louis first.


d) 3

After #10, rule b keeps us on Alta. 18 to see Tiger Lily and Green Court, where rule d sends us northwest onto Alta. 43 to see Blue Ridge.


a) yes

Kugluktuk is on the west side of Coppermine river, so we must thread the needle between Coppermine and the nearby river that empties into Great Bear Lake, which therefore we see.


c) Somerset

The alphabetical order is the same in English as in Inuit: Cambridge Bay to Gjoa Haven, thence up around King William Island and between Prince of Wales Island and Somerset Island to Resolute.