These are the Official Answers
for the 2020 Independence Day Fireworks.

We posted them here on August 12.

In addition, earlier in the week we mailed the answers to all competitors.

The answers and explanations below are identical to those sent in the mail, which also include
the procedure for filing a protest (i.e., an objection, which will be due by August 21) regarding any answer.

Following scoring, we'll post here any protest results and we'll print and mail everybody a complete set of results.


August 24 update:

No question was affected by protests on this summer's competition.

Final results will be mailed as soon as we have them from the printer, in about 7 days.

    Note: your answers to three questions are affected by your HOPSCOTCH play.

Your HOPSCOTCH play affected your Q15, Q26, and Q31 answers. In each case, your riverbed stone came to rest past the court’s number 1 box, in an odd-numbered box that had no other box to its side. Details follow with those answers.

In each case, we will score your answer correct if it corresponds to the answer for any of the possible correct boxes. Your correct answer is right for you, and will be scored that way. In the final results, we’ll provide a tally of everybody’s answers.

Q Answer Leg 1


a) Honduras

It’s noon as we reach the halfway point, still in Honduras, at dot number 15, still one segment (10 minutes) shy of the national boundary (which we reach at 12:10).


b) no

Heading west from capital Guatemala, at highway 5 we do not yet see (Glossary SEE definition: within 1/4 map inch) Huehuetenango, so we keep going westward across Continental Divide until we do see Huehuetenango, whereupon #4 ends right toward Huehuetenango, then #5 is left at Huehuetenango itself, then we end our consideration of Q2 (B.R. 2/a) at #6 back onto highway toward the capital, just before which #7 is north on highway 5 toward Cobán.


a) Belize

R. de la Pasión flows east-to-west toward the Gulf of Mexico, so we have to Go Through (Glossary def.: enter, then leave) Belize in order to skirt the river’s headwaters.


c) Veracruz

While flying to the first alphabetical capital, Guerrero’s Chilpahcingo, we fly over the southern reaches of Veracruz state.


a) 0

In flying to capitals Chilpahcingo, Mexicali, and Xalapa, in that alphabetical order, we miss seeing (SEE def.: within 1/4 map inch) any of their states’ more famous towns.

Q Answer Leg 2


b) Soto la Marina

When we leave Ciudad Madero, we’ve had no Action (as defined in the Glossary) since Leg 1’s #11 left on Mexico 180, so course-following rule b still keeps us on Mexico 180, northeast at Estación Manuel through Aldama and Mexico 180 shield to end #1 right through Soto la Marina.


a) Ben Bolt

We’re still on the p. 128 Mexico map (B.R.s 3/b & 3/c) for #3 left on Texas 44, then #3 endsby sending us to p. 101 for #4 north at interchange after Alice, then #5 south at interchange to go through Alice to see town Ben Bolt before #6 west at interchange with Texas 141.


a) Interstate 2

We enter the McAllen map upon blue limited-access highway, so #9 is west through Edinburg, then at Ware Rd. we haven’t gone through a Texas 107 symbol yet, so we continue ahead through Texas 107 symbol, then rule b keeps us on Texas 107 south through Alton, then our road bends easterly onto 1016, then #10 finally is north on Ware Rd., then we cross Interstate 2 before #11 east at the next junction.


b) no

I Rd. has no interchange with I-2 (B.R. 3/d), so we can’t end #12 yet but must continue: rule c sends us west to stay upon orange road onto Nolona Av., then south at Ware Rd. to end #12 by going west at interchange near Conv. Ctr., now (B.R. 2/a) considering Q9, but now too far away to see Pharr.


b) no

At Rio Bravo, rule c sends us ahead up orange road to arrive on the Laredo map upon Zapata Hwy., from which #13 is east on Texas 359, then #14 is north onto Bob Bullock Loop, still on the Laredo map, ending our consideration of Q10 (B.R. 2/a).

Q Answer Leg 3


c) 2

After #2 at Los Angeles, rule d sends us up Texas 97 through Charlotte to #3 left on Texas 16 at Jourdanton (too far from Christine to see it), then after #4 northwest on Texas 173 we see town Bigfoot, then we don’t end #4 on U.S. 90 (our Texas 173 crosses U.S. 90 over a mile east of Hondo, not at Hondo), then we see Frontier Times Mus. ahead before ending #4 left on Texas 16 at Bandera.


b) Eckert

#7 is northeast on Texas 16 at Fredericksburg, then we go through Eckert on the way to Llano Co.


b) 1

After Colorado River, #10 is left on 586, then rule d puts us onto westbound U.S. 67 through Bangs.


a) yes

At Santa Anna, rule c sends us northwest to stay upon orange highway, then at the first interchange on Abilene map our blue road goes two ways (B.R. 1: not in a sole direction) so we can’t use rule c there at all, so rule d sends us ahead onto BR 83 to see Frontier Texas! in downtown Abilene.


This answer depends on your Hopscotch play with Abilene Abby: with single odd boxes 3 and 9 possible (each is past box 1; box 5 is to the side of box 4; box 7 is to the side of box 8), your answer should be:



b) Hamlin

if your stone came to rest in the number 3 box; in this case, the 1st county seat seen is Anson, the 2nd is Aspermont, and the 3rd is Guthrie, so you go right on Texas 114; then #15 is right on U.S. 283 near Seymour, then #16 is west on U.S. 380 at Throckmorton, then south on U.S. 83 at Aspermont, then you see Hamlin first;





d) Twitty

if your stone came to rest in the number 9 box; in this case, the 4th county seat seen is Paducah, the 5th is Childress, the 6th is Wellington, the 7th is Wheeler, the 8th is Canadian, and the 9th is Perryton, so you go right on Texas 15; then #15 is south on U.S. 283 toward Shattuck, then #16 is west on U.S. 60, then left on U.S. 83 at the junction south of Canadian, then you see Twitty first.

Q Answer Leg 4


c) Monument Draw

Per the Glossary Action def. regarding compass directions, the Midland/Odessa map’s compass symbol indicates due north to be approx. 15° clockwise from directly toward the top of the map; therefore, #3’s northeast is right onto 338 (338’s true compass direction is not the apparent south of due east but 13° north of due east [90 + 2 – 15 = 77° true direction]), which is within the Action def.’s allowed 45° leeway either way from due northeast [i.e., from true 0° to true 90°] at the first junction on the map, then we drive counterclockwise up 338 to #4 north on U.S. 385 off the city map to see Monument Draw first when we arrive on p. 98.


c) no

#5 is ‘at’, not ‘on’, U.S. 380, so it did not invoke rule b, so at Aspermont rule d sends us south ahead to Hamlin for #6 west on Texas 92, then after Rotan, shy of Camp Springs, our road goes south to U.S. 180 for #7.


b) 2

On the Lubbock map, #9 is east on U.S. 62 (U.S. 62 shares road with Texas 114), then back on the state map rule b keeps us on U.S. 62 through Cone and Matador to end #9 north on U.S. 83 at Paducah (rule a overrides rule b here), already in Cottle County as we begin to consider Q18 (B.R. 2/a), so we can’t count Cottle for going through (Glossary def.: enter, then leave), but then we do go through Childress and Collingsworth counties before #10 after Canadian town and river.


c) 2

#12 ends west on Oklahoma 152, so rule b can’t then keep us ‘on’ Texas 152, a different state highway (Numbered Highway def.), then just before Pampa our red principal highway changes to an orange multilane, so at Pampa itself rule c keeps us upon orange multilane southwest with U.S. 60 to the Amarillo map, where #13 is south off U.S. 60 [and BL 40] onto Lakeside Rd., then 335 loops us clockwise to go east on BL 40 at interchange 64, then we see Discovery Ctr. and Fritch Hwy., then back on the state map we don’t have rule b to keep us on U.S. 60 (it was BL 40 that we were placed on), so, after Miami, at the first junction in Hemphill Co. rule c sends us south to stay upon red principal highway to end #14 right on Texas 152 at Wheeler.


a) airport

Going north on Texas 70, then upon U.S. 83, we’re still on p. 98 and see no town at the road to Hooker (B.R. 3/c), after which B.R. 3/b sends us to the Oklahoma map on p. 82, where #16 is left onto U.S. 54 when we see Liberal (a town: Glossary Town def.), then immediately we see airport.

Q Answer Leg 5


b) no

#2 is north toward Texhoma (although we’re not at Okla. 95 [it ends at state boundary], we do see Okla. 95), then #3 is east on U.S. 64 in Texas County but too far from Cimarron County to see it.


b) Nat’l Wrestling Hall of Fame

#4 is ‘at’, not ‘on’, U.S. 183, so at Woodward rule d sends us east upon U.S. 412, upon whose roads we reach Tulsa map for #5 south on Okla. 51, which rule b then keeps us on and westward past Nat’l Wrestling Hall of Fame near Stillwater.


d) Shallow Water

#9 is north after Horace, then #10 is east, then south in Wichita Co., then #11 is east at second junction, then north at second junction, then #12 is east after Marienthal, then south, then #13 is east after Modoc, then north, then our road changes type and goes through Shallow Water.


b) Prairie Mus. of Art & Hist.

#15 is ‘onto’, not ‘on’, U.S. 83, so at Oakley rule c sends us west to stay upon red principal highway to Colorado on p. 21 for #16 right on I-70 at interchange 363 near Limon, then back in Kansas we see Prairie Mus. of Art & Hist. near Colby first.


c) Smoky Hill

#17 places us upon gray other road, so immediately at the next junction rule c sends us acute southeast to stay upon gray road, then there’s no interchange where we cross I-70 (B.R. 3/d), so we continue to rule d onto principal highway toward Hays, where rule c sends us south upon U.S. 183 to #18 west on Kansas 4 near La Crosse, then north on U.S. 83 in Scott Co., then we see Smoky Hill to the east near U.S. 83 shield.

Q Answer Leg 6


This answer depends on your Hopscotch play with The Platters: with single odd boxes 5 or 9 possible, (each is past box 1; box 3 is to the side of box 2; box 7 is to the side of box 6). 


We did not make clear what to do with North Platte’s one way routes, so we will allow the answers other than those for the towns Antelope, Lodgepole, and Soldier Creek (which you would reach if you continued northward from A St. in North Platte but then either miscounted #3’s 5th opportunity [going west on Nebr. 92] or aimed for #3’s 9th opportunity, in South Dakota, having incorrectly used rule b [you’re not ‘on’ U.S. 83] to get past Nebr. 2 in Thomas County).



We will score correct either: b) Gothenburg; or c) Max or Orleans.

Gothenburg is on U.S. 30 and could be reached either (after using rule c to head back southbound upon red principal highway at A St. in North Platte) with #3’s 9th opportunity north on Nebr. 14 in Clay County [then south on Nebr. 39, then southwest on U.S. 30] or (if continuing northbound at A St.) with #3’s 5th opportunity east on Nebr. 92 in Logan County [then south on U.S. 183, then west on U.S. 30].  Orleans is on U.S. 136 and could be reached (after using rule c to head back southbound at A St.) with #3’s 5th opportunity south on Nebr. 47 in Furnas County [then rule d at slant-Ts to south on U.S. 183, then west on U.S. 136].


a) Abbott Sports Complex

#10 is east on U.S. 30, which does not end on the North Platte map (Numbered Highway def.: its type of road has not ended) but continues upon its road back to the state map and through Kearney, on whose city map U.S. 30 crosses Nebr. 10 with no interchange (B.R. 3/d), so we continue on U.S. 30 to end #10 south onto Nebr. 31 after interchange near county seat Fremont, then #11 rules out Nebr. 36, then on the Omaha map #11 rules out Nebr. 64 and county L28B, then neither U.S. 275 nor Nebr. 92 goes west from Nebr. 31 (from the information that we have on the Omaha map [B.R. 3/c]), so we continue southward upon Nebr. 31 / U.S. 6 back to the Nebr. map, where #11 rules out Nebr. 31 itself, so we go right on U.S. 6 (which has no second digit at all), then #12 is right on I-80 at interchange 432 (alternatively interchange 409: no effect on Q27), then on the Lincoln map we see Abbott Sports Complex first.


a) Carhenge

#14 ends ‘at’, not ‘on’, Nebr. 97, so at Tryon rule d sends us west onto Nebr. 92, then down Nebr. 61 through Arthur, then ahead at Martin and west onto U.S. 26, then ahead at North-port onto U.S. 385 up to see Carhenge ahead just before #15 east on Nebr. 2 through Alliance.


b) Albion

After #15, rule b keeps us on Nebr. 2 south at Dunning (missing Nebr. 7) and past Nebr. 21 (ends at Broken Bow) and Nebr. 70 (we can’t go north on 70) through Grand Island to interchange 318 and east (connecting toward the Nebr. 2 symbol southeast of Lincoln: Numbered Highway def.) to #16 north on Nebr. 14 at interchange 332, then we see Albion first.


b) Wanblee

#18 is north on Nebr. 61, then in S.D. rule d sends us ahead at Martin, then on the S.D. map #19 is east on S.D. 44 toward Wanblee.

Q Answer Leg 7


c) 3

Starting northbound on S.D. 45, the Dakotas Hare & Hounds Rally course is east on S.D. 34 in Jerauld County (then we see both Wessington Springs and Woonsocket at E-10), then south on S.D. 25 in southern Miner County, then west on S.D. 50 in Bon Homme County, then north on S.D. 37 also in Bon Homme County (then we see Woonsocket again [already counted for HH I]; Mitchell is at F-11 and Huron is at D-10) to west on N.D. 11 at A-10, then north on N.D. 56 at A-9 to the N.D. map on p. 77, then west on N.D. 34 in Logan County, then north on N.D. 3 also in Logan County, then north on N.D. 3 again at Hurdsfield in Wells Co. [rule a], then east on N.D. 66 in Rolette County, then south on N.D. 20 in southern Cavalier County (then we see Devils Lake at E-10 in Ramsey Co.), then west on N.D. 15 in Eddy County, then south on N.D. 3 in Wells County.


b) no

After going west on N.D. 15 in Eddy County, we reach the end of our narrow red other through highway at Fessenden, where rule d sends us ahead onto un-numbered gray other road in order to reach N.D. 3 in Wells County.


b) Akaska

Then rule b keeps us on southbound N.D. 3 to S.D. 45 and across S.D. 10 back to the S.D. map on p. 93, where we find that now we’re not upon S.D. 45 but upon S.D. 247 heading for Roscoe, where we see U.S. 12 shield to end the Dakotas Hare & Hounds Rally by going west on U.S. 12, then south on U.S. 83 near Selby, then we see Akaska first.


This answer depends on your Hopscotch play with Hopscotch Cassidy: only single odd box 7 is possible (past box 1; box 3 is to the side of box 2; box 5 is to the side of box 6; box 9 is to the side of box 8):

c) Jud

The 1st 2-digit state highway for #8 is S.D. 44, the 2nd is (not S.D. 53, which ends where its unpaved road ends: Numbered Highway def.) S.D. 34 on the Pierre map, the 3rd is (not S.D. 47, which goes north at Lebanon) S.D. 20, the 4th is S.D. 10, the 5th is N.D. 11, the 6th is N.D. 13, and the 7th is N.D. 34 (different from S.D. 34 earlier), where you go east on N.D. 34, which ends at N.D. 56 so rule d sends you ahead east through Jud to #9 south on N.D. 281.


a) yes

#11’s U.S. 83 shield is in North Dakota (still on the S.D. map on p. 93), then at the S.D. map edge B.R. 3/b takes us to the N.D. map on p. 77 near Linton (already north of Strasburg, which we couldn’t see when on p. 93: B.R. 3/c), so we have to wait for Hazelton for #11 west, then #12 is left onto 1804, then right at N.D. 13, then #13 is east onto unpaved road, then north onto unpaved road that goes past Welk Homestead to rule d southeast at Strasburg to #14 east on N.D. 11 toward Hague.


a) yes

After #16, we arrive on the Bismarck map upon University Dr., then rule d sends us ahead past Governor’s Mansion to #17 east at interchange 159.


a) yes

#18 is north at interchange 182, then (since we’re not ‘on’ N.D. 14) rule d at Anamoose sends us ahead onto gray other road, which rule c then keeps us upon east upon N.D. 19, then rule d sends us ahead onto red other through highway to Minnewaukan for rule d southeast, then ahead upon N.D. 57 to end #18 at Devils Lake toward Geographical Center of N. America Monument near Rugby.


a) Cartwright

#18 ends ‘onto’, not ‘on’, U.S. 2; nevertheless, on the Minot map rule d keeps us going west upon BR 2, then off the map west to #19 north on N.D. 18, then #20 is east on N.D. 5 toward Mohall, then north on U.S. 83 through Westhope to p. 121 to end #20 east on Man. 2 near Pipe-stone, then #21 is south on Man. 21 after Deleau to #22 east on Man. 3 through Cartwright first.

Q Answer Leg 8


b) Lagimodiere Blvd.

Man. 75 ends at interchange with Man. 42 (Numbered Highway def.), so #3 is northwest on Man. 59 (identified to the north as well as to the south), then we travel upon the road that carries Lagimodiere Blvd. as well.


a) yes

#6 is northwest after Garden City Shop Ctr., then rule c sends us north at Jefferson Av. and back southeast to #7 left on Man. 52, then northwest onto Man. 101, then we see Pipeline Rd.


We will score either answer correct.

Our intended course is Man. 6, then Man. 68 for a short ways, then back to Man. 6, then left onto Man. 60, then right onto Man. 10 (total 6+68+60+10 = 144) through The Pas to Man. 39.  However, a different course, also summing to 144 but going through Grand Rapids instead of The Pas, is possible: Man. 6, then west onto Man. 68, then south onto Man. 5, then jog with Man. 5 at T-C 16 (which ends at Man. 5, but we wouldn’t count non-provincial 16 anyway) to east onto Man. 2, then north onto Man. 13, then west onto T-C 1 (don’t count its non-provincial number), then north onto principal highway carrying Yellowhead Route, then north onto Man. 50, then north back onto Man. 5, then east onto Man. 68, then north onto Man. 6 (total 6+68+5+2+13+50 = 144) through Grand Rapids to Man. 39.


b) 1

The Central Time Zone narrows to a 50-mile gap in Gulf of Boothia.  Hudson Strait and M'Clintock Channel are well outside Central Time Zone.


a) yes, mostly at latitudes greater than …

We can stay on water within Central Time Zone except for portaging across the neck of Melville Peninsula, mostly north of the Arctic Circle.