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May 18 update:

Q8: We scored b) [after 2050] correct as well as c) no: the World Almanac doesn’t give the 2079 total solar eclipse’s precise path, but it may be from Newark, New Jersey, say, up Long Island to the southern edge of New England at Nantucket Island [shown on p. 493, although not named, at New Bedford’s printed letter ‘w’]; if so, since a total solar eclipse can be seen up to half of ‘a few hundred miles’ laterally, at that point it may be visible to the north-northwest in southern Maine.

Q44: We did not score Q44; our wording was not clear regarding Walters and Williams(es) groups and single states.

Q79: We scored b) Mexico correct as well as a) Louisiana: although the Gordie Howe Intl. bridge has not been completed (and can’t be driven across), nevertheless it is on the Bridges list, implying that it does exist, making its main span the first-greatest and Mexico’s Baluarte Bicentennial’s (which we can drive across) the second-greatest

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Question Number Answer Chapter 1

* Dr. Dolittle, We Presume?  Or Mr. Roberts? *


d) 6

The General, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dr. Strangelove, King Kong, The African Queen, Saving Private Ryan

MoviesBest American of all time: p. 280


d) 4

The Lion King, Miss Saigon, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Harvey – and how are you, Mr. Wilson?

Broadway → Theater – Broadway statistics: p. 283


d) theater, within three months of ….

The ballpoint was invented in 1888, the year of the mid-March eastern U.S. blizzard that was not long before “Casey”’s recital at a New York City theater in May, 1888.

Inventions: p. 326

Blizzards: p. 474


b) 21st

Jennifer Hudson won as supporting actress for 2006’s Dreamgirls; Laura Dern for 2019’s Marriage Story.  [Bruce Dern was nominated in both centuries – 1979’s Coming Home and 2014’s Nebraska – but won for neither; Rock Hudson was nominated for 1956’s Giant but did not win.]

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 310


b) Boston

Boston’s average is 11.5 mph, above Wind – Speeds, U.S.: p. 347Chicago’s 9.9 mph.



b) 21st

Sean Penn won as actor for 2003’s Mystic River (as well as for 2008’s Milk); Viola Davis as supporting actress for 2016’s Fences.  [Bette Davis won two 1930s Oscars, but director Arthur Penn did not win for any of his eclectic three 1960s nominations – The Miracle Worker, Bonnie and Clyde, and Alice’s Restaurant.]

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 310


c) Seattle

Its 7 ft 8 in. is much greater than the others’.

Tides: p. 350

Pacific Ocean: p. 504 → p. 493


c) no

The 2079 eclipse’s totality, heading northeastward from New Jersey, will cease at the lower edge of New England: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and/or Massachusetts, all of which are southward from Maine.  [Those in Maine will see an eclipse in 2024, but that’s before 2025.]

Eclipses: p. 376

Maine: p. 580

→ Massachusetts: p. 581

Maps, world: p. 493

Question Number Answer Chapter 2

* Stan ’n’ Ollies  *


b) at Wimbledon in the 1970s beat ….

Stan Smith at Wimbledon in 1972 beat Ilie Nastase, who [later that summer] won the U.S. Open.  [Stan Lee drew for Marvel Comics; Stan Mikita won 2 Hart trophies in the 1960s, but Gordie won 4 in the 1950s; Stan Getz won the 1964 Album Grammy not with Astrid but with João.

Wimbledon: p. 957

→ Tennis: p. 958

Cartoonists: p. 218

Hart Memorial Trophy: p. 944

Grammy Awards: p. 312


c) no, although an Ollie is ….

Ollie Matson is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but no Ollie (not even Kevin Ollie, who coached Connecticut to its 2014 NCAA men’s basketball championship) is in the Naismith Hall of Fame.

Hall of FameFootball: p. 912

Basketball: p. 939

Basketball – NCAA: p. 889


b) 3

Illinois has Alexander for 2016’s Alexander Rossi; Idaho has Power and Illinois has Will for 2018’s Will Power.

Indianapolis 500 (auto race): p. 960

Counties, U.S. – Presidential election: pp. 32-35


d) Ukraine

Olympic GamesGame sites: p. 861

– Summer – Highlights, medal standings (2016): p. 862

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): p. 746

→ Moldova: pp. 499, 681

Ukraine: p. 852


a) Argentina

Argentina is immediately south of Paraguay, which was visited by Cabot in 1527, the year in which Machiavelli died.  [Uruguay is farther south, beyond arms of Argentina and Brazil.]

Argentina – Flag, map: p. 497

→ Paraguay: pp. 496-97, 829

Education – Educators, noted past: p. 219


d) Vietnam

Also is an anagram of Laos, immediately east of which is Vietnam.

Also → Laos – Flag, map: p. 501


c) 4

For Ford v Ferrari: film editing and sound editing; for Little Women: costume design; for Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood: production design.  [Brad Pitt’s Oscar was for acting.]

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 311


b) 2

Sissy Spacek won the best Actress Oscar for 1980’s Coal Miner’s Daughter, as Ingrid Bergman had won it for 1944’s Gaslight.  [Actor F. Murray Abraham and Director Oliver Stone won for 1984’s Amadeus and 1986’s Platoon, respectively.]

National Film Registry: p. 280

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 308-10

Question Number Answer Chapter 3

* Michelle, Ma Bell   *


d) Vail

Theodore N. Vail

Businessleaders, noted past: p. 218


b) “Ode to a Nightingale”

John Keats wrote both.

Writers, noted: p. 239


d) Nashville (Indiana or Tennessee)

Both are attractions in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tennessee: p. 593


d) same as a word in the title of ….

The movie is The Maltese Falcon [1st-best is Citizen Kane; founder John Pass, né Giovanni Pace, is Maltese].  [Binoche’s The English Patient was 1996; Hackman’s The French Connection was 1971; Ustinov acted in the 1964 adaptation of Kazantzakis’s novel Zorba the Greek but he won his 1964 Oscar for Topkapi instead.]

Liberty Bell: p. 470, 472

MoviesBest American of all time: p. 280

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 310-11

Writers, noted: p. 239


d) winner of National Book Award for ….

Shirley Hazzard won 2003’s National Book Award, after Annie’s 1993.  [Alabama doesn’t have a Hazzard County, and The Dukes of Hazzard was set in a fictional Georgia county; Oliver Perry’s middle name is Hazard, with one Z; Walt Hazzard played on the 1964 UCLA championship team.]

National Book Awards: p. 303

BasketballNCAAMen’s tournament champions: p. 888

Ohio: p. 589

Counties, U.S. – Presidential election: p. 29


a) Jurassic Park

It was #36, behind both Jurassic World movies.

MoviesTop grossing: p. 279


a) yes

They were won by the British war epic 1917 and by the 1960s-set epic Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

Golden Globe Awards: pp. 55, 56


b) 1

The product is Nabisco Oreo, with the anagram Iron Caboose.  [Narcissus Oboe has one too many letters S; Rice Bassoon is short a letter O.]

Brand names: p. 106

Question Number Answer Chapter 4

* May We Add Jesse Stone? *


b) FBI and FBI: Most Wanted

The FBI shows have the greatest combined audience share: 15.2 + 14.0 = 29.2.  [Blue Bloods and Magnum P.I. have 16.7 + 11.5 = 28.2; Fire and Med have 14.3 + 13.8 = 28.1; Avg. audience would put Fire and Med first, but the question asks about the audience share column.]

TelevisionProgram ratings, most watched: p. 292


b) Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

At #7, Milk Street is ahead of #10, #12, and #25.

TVTelevision – Program ratings, most watched: p. 292


a) capital of a department

Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana, a French overseas department.  [Belize makes sugar [from cane]; 1986 Oscar winner Maurice Micklewhite is Michael Caine.]

FranceDepartments, territories: p. 783

Belize: p. 760

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 309

Actors, actresses – Original names: p. 277


d) Russian the first four letters of ….

It was written by Vladimir Mayakovsky, who died at age 37; the Belizean ethnic group is Maya.

Writers, noted: p. 240

Belize: p. 760


c) commercial and industrial ….

Northern Song paper money facilitated it.

China, Dynastic – Ruling dynasties: p. 661


a) baskets

Impressions in burnt clay document the ability to weave cloth baskets by 28,000 years ago.  [The Songhay empire extended to 1590; rayon was invented in 1884; the Holocene didn’t start until 11,700 years ago.]

World history – Chronology: p. 655

Inventions: p. 327

Timbuktu: p. 662

Geology: p. 320


d) Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic

The S is for Security.

Coronavirus pandemic – Government response: p. 77


b) characters in title of Newbery Medal-winning ….

2014’s Newbery winner is Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures.  [James Joyce [whose last name is the same as the first name of famous New Jerseyan Joyce Kilmer] wrote Ulysses but not Flora; 1963’s Hurricane Flora was notable but no Ulysses in the 1960s [2020 had a Ulysses]; spacecraft Ulysses was launched by Discovery (STS-41) in 1990, but a young deer is a fawn.]

Newbery Medal: p. 302

Writers, noted: p. 239

New Jersey: p. 586

HurricanesNotable: p. 358

Animals – Names for offspring/collectives: p. 717

Space exploration – Human spaceflight: p. 365

Question Number Answer Chapter 5

* Getting Drafty  *


b) Republican

Mo Brooks ran unopposed as a Republican in Alabama; Moe Davis ran and lost in North Carolina; Moe Brown ran and lost in South Carolina.

Congress, U.S. – House of Representatives – Members: pp. 21-27


a) halve

It dropped 51% from 52,329,000 in 2006, when Menendez began service, to 25,740,00 in 2018, when Hyde-Smith began service.

Senate → Congress, U.S.Senate – members: pp. 20-21

Newspapers – U.S., Canada circulation: p. 287


c) + 1°

Graph on p. 338: from approx. -0.1° from 20th-century avg. in 1900 to approx. +1.05° from 20th-century avg. in 2000 is an increase of approx. 1.15°.

Temperature – Carbon dioxide correlation: p. 338


b) double

Apple was the first company to achieve a stock market value of $1 trillion (in 2018, when Cindy Hyde-Smith began service) and the first to achieve $2 trillion (in 2020, when Kelly Loeffler began service on 1/6/2020 [before losing in November]).

Senate → Congress, U.S.Senate – members: pp. 20-21

Apple Computer Company: p. 329


b) bases

Henderson had 1,406 stolen bases; bases yield hydroxyl ions.

Baseball – All-time leaders: p. 917

Science – Glossary: p. 314


b) acids

Olive oil has unsaturated fatty acids; acids donate protons, subatomic particles made up of quarks.

Fats and oils: p. 172

Science – Glossary: p. 314-15


a) 2010

It was printed during the time of the signature of Timothy F. Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury, 2009-2013.  [In 2015 the Secretary’s signature would have been Jack Lew’s (2013-2017).  Incidentally, Rosie Rios was Treasurer 2009-2016, so her signature would have been there both times.]

Dollar bill, U.S.: p. 95 [given]

Treasury, Department of the – Secretaries: p. 556



In the first flying carpet, Bacchus wrote EL, the first word in the assumed name of the artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos: El Greco; in the second flying carpet is the middle letter in the original last name of the entertainer Judy Holliday, Judith Tuvim: V; in the third flying carpet is the U.S. postal abbreviation for the state whose name’s first and last letters are vowels and whose name’s middle letter is I, Indiana: IN.

Artists, noted: p. 215

Entertainers – Original names: p. Abbreviations – Postal: p. 400278


Question Number Answer Chapter 6

* Bowling for Dollars *


a) halve

Tackett was PBA Tournament Champion in 2017 [not in 2016, when he was leading money winner]; in 2017 Jason Belmonte won $238,912, which approx. halved (down 51%) to Anthony Simonsen’s $115,975 the next year, 2018, when the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Bowling: p. 972

Super Bowl: p. 899


d) Philip Michael Thomas

Bow Wow was born in Columbus, Ohio, as was Philip Michael Thomas.  [Sherald was born in Columbus, Georgia; Shakira was born in Colombia; Aziz Ansari [same first name as 2015 Nobelist Aziz Sancar] was born in Columbia, S.C.]

Entertainers – Noted present: pp. 258-70

→ Noted personalities: p. 211

Super Bowl: p. 57

Nobel Prizes: p. 296


c) Tom Jones

Tony Richardson won an Oscar for directing 1963’s Tom Jones.

Oscars (Academy Awards): pp. 308-10


c) 3

Nobel winners include 1956’s Walter H. Brattain and William Shockley and 1983’s William A. Fowler, hence Walter and plural Williams; likewise, past European political leaders include Germany’s Walter Ulbricht and Britain’s plural William Gladstone and William Pitt the Elder (as well as the Younger); also, famous Kansans (adjacent to Oklahoma) include Walter P. Chrysler (as well as Johnson) and William Inge and William Allen White.

Nobel Prizes: p. 295

Europe – Map: pp. 498-99

Political leaders, noted past: pp. 224-27

Oklahoma: p. 589

→ Kansas: pp. 578-79


a) yes

Rodgers Rop won the 2002 Boston Marathon.

Boston, MA – Marathon: p. 977


a) yes; the basketball player

Stalin died in 1953 (ceasing to be dictator) and Tito became president the same year, and that year’s NCAA Division I championship most outstanding player was B. H. Born (or, Basic Rule B: born).  [The tennis player is Björn Borg, whose first Wimbledon win was in 1976, 100 years after the Academy was founded, but he was born in 1956 anyway; Andress was born in Bern [in 1936].]

Political leaders, noted past: p. 227

Basketball – NCAA – Men’s tournament champions: p. 888

Actors, actresses – Noted present: p. 258

Coast Guard, U.S.Academy: p. 164

Wimbledon: p. 957

→ Sports – Personalities, noted: p. 231


a) alpine skiing

The Stag at Sharkey’s artist George Wesley Bellows’s middle name is the same as the first name of famous Arkansan Wesley Clark, whose last name is the same as the first name of Clark Gable (1934 Oscar), the first 80% (4 of the first 5 letters) of whose last name is the same as the last name of 1969 Alpine Skiing Women’s World Cup champion Gertrud Gabl.

ArtArtists, noted past: p. 214

Arkansas: p. 572

Oscars (Academy Awards): p. 308

SkiingAlpine World Cup: p. 974


c) 6

Wilt Chamberlain in 1957; not Lou but Lew; Alex Groza in 1948 and 1949; James Worthy in 1982; Keith Smart in 1987; Sean (not Seen) May in 2005; Kyle Guy in 2019

BasketballNCAAMen’s tournament champions: p. 888

Question Number Answer Chapter 7

* Elementary, My Dear Tungsten-Astatine-Tin *


b) Lace

They are Lanthanum + Cerium: La + Ce = Lace.  [Gallium + Germanium lacks a letter U in the right place; Radium is not side-by-side with Rutherfordium; Sips would require 3 elements.]

Periodic table of elements: p. 317


b) Briatts

They are Bromine + Iodine + Astatine+ Tennessine: Br + I + At + Ts = Briatts.  [Becabara would skip the elements Magnesium and Strontium; Near would use only 2 elements; Wreosir would be in a horizontal row, not a vertical column.]

Periodic table of elements: p. 317


c) Virgin Islands

Christopher Columbus gave the name Las Once Mil Virgenes to the island group.

States, U.S.Name origins: p. 459


c) no; it’s named Supper

Butch Cassidy and Wallace Stegner (1972 Pulitzerand 1977 National Book Award) are famous Utahans; Utah’s name is taken from a Navajo word meaning upper, which Viola concatenated to S (for Sulfur, the sixth element in Sodium’s row), forming Supper.

Pulitzer Prizes: p. 299

National Book Awards: p. 303

→ Utah: p. 594

Name origin, nickname: p. 459

Periodic table of elements: p. 317


b) 2

Bismarck and Pierre are the capitals of North and South Dakota, whose names’ common origin is the Sioux word Dakota, meaning friend, which Fred concatenated to Be (for Beryllium, the top element in Beryllium’s column), forming Befriend, or ally, which Fred concatenated to Re (for Rhenium, third in Manganese’s column), forming Really.

States, U.S. – Capitals: p. 457

Name origins: p. 459

Periodic table of elements: p. 317


a) H

The first element is the mineral that’s present in every cell, Phosphorus, whose symbol is not Ph but P (followed by H for Hydrogen and O for the atmosphere’s 21% Oxygen: pho).

Minerals (dietary); p. 171

Elements, chemical: p. 316

Atmosphere – Composition/temperature/density: p. 385


a) parts of names of languages of ….

Tobagonian Creole English and Caribbean Hindustani are languages of Trinidad and Tobago, whose capital is Port of Spain.

Tobago → Trinidad and Tobago: p. 849


c) 3

The 2020 champion is Collin Morikawa, whose first name also is that of Minnesotan Collin Peterson, 7th District incumbent (asterisk) who lost to Michelle Fischbach last fall; Aurelien Collin was 2013’s MLS Cup MVP; Texas’s Collin Co. was #47 in 2019 population, just over 1 million.  [The skier at Grenoble was Harald Groenningen.]

PGA Championship: p. 795, 953

Congress, U.S. – House of Representatives – Members: p. 24

Soccer: p. 948

Counties, U.S. – Largest, by population: p. 621

Olympic Games – Game sites: p. 861

– Winter – Champions (1924-2018): p. 878


d) 3

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S., at 1,949 ft.  Double that number (3,898) is the number of South Carolina Bambergers who voted for candidate Clinton in 2016; triple 1,949 (5,847) is the number at 5847 San Felipe Blvd.; quintuple 1,949 (9,745) is the number of thousands of Disneyland Paris visitors in 2019.

Lakes: p. 455

Elections, U.S.: p. 45

Buildings, tall: p.724

Parks → Amusement parks: p. 128

→ France: p. 783

Question Number Answer Chapter 8

* Over the River and Through the Woods  *


c) Madras

Entertainer Engelbert Humperdinck [Arnold Dorsey] was born in Madras.

Opera: p. 282

Entertainers, noted present: p. 263


b) Pears

English tenor Peter Pears died in 1986.  [Niner Jerry Rice was born in 1962, so he was only 17 in 1979; Windgassen was German.]

Opera: p. 256

Sports – Personalities, noted: p. 234


a) 2

They are Giuditta Pasta and Luisa Tetrazzini.  [Melba is Australian.]

Opera: p. 256


b) Eugene

surrealist dramatist Eugene Ionesco

Writers, noted: p. 239


d) 4

Featherweight champion boxer (1927-28) Benny Bass was a bass [lower-case: Basic Rule B]; jazz artists Charles Mingus and Percy Heath played the bass; opera singer Ezio Pinza was a bass.

Boxing: p. 965

Jazz artists, noted: p. 253

Opera: p. 256


c) Mapother

Spike Jones’s last name also is the last name of Tom Jones, whose original first name Thomas also is the original first name Thomas of Tom Cruise, whose original last name is Mapother.

Entertainers – Original names: pp. 277-78


c) place whose name is the same as that of a place in Wyoming

Grace Slick was born in Illinois in Evanston; Wyoming has an Evanston also.  [The Kodak inventors are Eastman and Walker; the country (with Hoxha) is Albania.]

Entertainers, noted present: p. 268

Wyoming – Population: p. 654

Inventions: p. 325

Montenegro: p. 820

→ Albania: p. 753


a) Jamaica

It’s ska.

Jamaica: p. 806

Question Number Answer Chapter 9

* Greetings from Camp Granada  *


c) added to the National Recording Registry ….

It was a missive from Camp Granada.

Music and musicians – National Recording Registry: p. 288


a) American

Winter Music [not Water Music] was composed by John Cage (U.S.).

Composers, noted: p. 250

U.S. → United States of America: p. 855


c) musical scales

together with weights and measures, etc.

Greece, ancient – City-states: p. 657


d) Moon

Oregon’s per-capita circulation (15.2) was the greatest, and its capital, Salem, has the same name as that of #5 Susquehanna-1’s Salem Township in Pennsylvania, in which also is the Robert Morris Univ. of Moon Township.

Libraries – Public: p. 284

States, U.S. – Capitals: p. 451

Nuclear power – Production/consumption: p. 144

University → Colleges and universities, four-year institutions: p. 433


d) widely recognized pattern of stars

The Summer Triangle is one; the Big Dipper is another.

Stars → Astronomy – Constellations: p. 375


d) their periodicity

Hale-Bopp is a long-period comet; Swift-Tuttle is a short-period comet.  [Comet Temple-Tuttle is the one whose debris seems to be bunched up; the bridge is Hale Boggs.]

Comets: p. 383

Leonid meteor shower: p. 374

Bridges: p. 729


d) Zambia

As the Africa map on p. 503 shows, the southern tip of Lake Tanganyika touches Zambia near Mbala.

Lakes: p. 702

→ Africa – Map: p. 503


d) Mexico

Daiquirí is in Cuba, to which Mexico (Yucatan peninsula) is the nearest.

Military affairs – Major wars since1066: p. 167

→ Cuba – Flag, map: p. 495


c) 1936

Iso-Hollo ran 1932’s 3,450 meters (extra lap) in 10:33.4 minutes, or 3450 / (10 + 33.4 / [60 sec/min]) = 327 meters/minute [about 5.2 mph]; in 1936 he ran the regular 3000 meters in 9:03.8 minutes, or 3000 / (9 + 3.8 / [60 sec/min]) = 331 meters/minute [about 5.3 mph].  [1928 was won by Toivo Loukola in 320 meters/minute.]

Olympic Games – Summer – Champions (1896-2016): p. 871

Question Number Answer Chapter 10

* Nearer by Far *


d) Norway

Spitsbergen was touched in 1596 by Dutchman Willem Barents, whose last name is that of the Barents Sea, near which in Russia is Murmansk, nearest which is the easternmost brown extremity of Norway, not Finland, which is a bit farther away.

Explorations, expeditions: p. 692

Norway – Flag, map: p. 498


a) Chile

As the maps on pp. 497 & 504 show, Chile’s latitude at Cape Horn is about 55°S, New Zealand reaches only about 46°S.

Antarctica – Map: p. 497

New Zealand – Flag, map: p. 504


c) Australia

It was about 65 million years ago (as North America and Greenland began to spread as well).

Time – Geologic scale: p. 320


a) Hadean Eon

Including ‘the study of extraterrestrial bodies,’ it was in early Precambrian time, 4,600,000,000 years ago, give or take.

Time – Geologic scale: p. 320


Goer ; Dee 

The 1989 Belmont was won by Easy [first letter a vowel] Goer; Bob Dylan won his Grammy in 1997, as did Shawn Colvin, whose last name is the same as that of Douglas Colvin, the original name of Dee Dee Ramone, whose original first name, Douglas, is the same as the first name of Douglas Moore, who won the 1951 Pulitzer in music 10 years before that of 1961 was won by Walter Piston, whose last name is the same as the kind of steam engine invented by Englishman Newcomen in 1705, the year in which Joseph I became ruler of the Habsburg Dynasty.

Belmont Stakes: p. 969

Grammy Awards: p. 312

Entertainers – Original names: p. 277

Pulitzer Prizes: p. 300

Inventions: p. 326

Habsburg dynasty: p. 687



The last Indy 500 won in a Peugeot was in 1919, by Howdy Wilcox.

Indianapolis 500 (auto race): p. 960


a) Louisiana

Number one is Mexico’s Baluarte Bicentennial; number two is Louisiana’s John James Audubon.  [Gordie Howe Intl. and New Harbor haven’t been completed yet.]

Bridges: p. 729



The first flying carpet has the U.S. postal abbreviation for the state whose name’s middle letter is the 8th letter of the alphabet, h: Massachusetts: MA; the second flying carpet has the middle letters (plural) of the first name of the noted playwright who wrote The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde: SCA; the third flying carpet has the last syllable of the name of a significant example of Egyptian period architecture at Karnak, the Great Temple of Amon-Ra: RA.

Abbreviations – Postal: p. 400

Noted personalities: p. 249

Egypt – Ancient: p. 733



Pages are 347, 311, 292, 338, 977, 849, 288, and 320.  Sum of last digits is 7 + 1 + 2 + 8 + 7 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 42.